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Author: Michelle J Scott
Pet food companies are now using better quality ingredients and are adding nutritional supplements to pet food products. They call these products fortified pet foods. Today pet owners can purchase a variety of excellent fortified foods designed to promote good health in dogs and cats of all age. For instance, Omega-3 fatty acids are added to protect the heart, eyes, and brain, B vitamins to promote healthy coats, Glucosamine to help maintain healthy joints in them. Antioxidant vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system are also added. Amino acids can now be commonly found in pet food products which help to maintain adequate protein synthesis.

However, the fact is that as dogs and cats age their nutritional needs change. Another fact is that they do not always absorb adequate amounts of the key nutrients they need from the food they eat. Senior nutritional supplements are a great way to insure adequate intake of key nutrients. They are designed to meet the specific health issues we expect senior pets to face. Coenzyme Q10 helps the heart pump more effectively. The long-chained Omega-3 fatty acids become important anti-inflammatory nutrients as pets get older.

Just as your doctor has emphasized the need for a balanced diet that limits cholesterol rich saturated fats to promote your better health, your pet’s vet will recommend a premium fortified pet food for your dog or cat as an equally great idea. Just as the time will come when your doctor will advise you to do more – such as taking an aspirin a day to reduces the risk of heart attacks, or calcium supplements to keep bones strong or taking cholesterol-lowering drugs to help you reduce cardiovascular risks - the same science exists for senior dogs and cats and is needs to be fortified in their food and additionally supplemented through nutritional products.

Our pets age much more rapidly than we do. This puts extra stress on their bodies. Research has shown us which organ systems are likely to cause senior pets the most disease – cardiovascular, immune and cognitive systems in dogs… renal, cognitive and cardiovascular systems in cats. We also better understand the effects of degenerative changes on the health of these pets. Senior pet supplements designed to address this science are absolutely necessary. As their organs stop making/synthesizing B Vitamins, CoQ 10, glucosamine, key immune antioxidants, your pets need help in the form of premium and efficacious product solutions that minimize their risk of disease and debilitation. The combination of good food and key supplements, in adequate amounts to minimize the impending health problems, is the best news for senior pet owners who want to be more proactive in extending the quality of life of their animal. features dog food supplements, dog vitamins and various other products that help the pets stay healthy as they grow older. The company has also provided an online platform for pet owners and experts to discuss issues concerning the senior pets.

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