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By: amanda tom
Nowadays the use of computers and the Internet is so widespread that even people who aren’t very net-savvy are now beginning to grow comfortable with this medium of World Wide Web. The internet has definitely become an indispensible part of people’s daily existences, especially when it comes to communication via social media websites. Online STD testing is one of the latest concepts to hit the virtual world. This is one of the confidential STD testing methods which aren’t known to a lot of people but is a good alternative to the traditional testing options since it assures privacy.

Earlier, people did not opt for online STD testing because they used to get it done from their family doctors and that too only when these doctors advised them to take a test. However, these days since the customers have become the king therefore people have decided to take matters pertaining to confidential STD testing in their own hands. They are now considering the idea of getting these tests done online since it is more confidential that way and also because they have inhibitions. By now many people are habituated to relying on the internet therefore getting tested online is no big deal.

A common doubt pertaining to confidential STD testing is whether it is really anonymous and confidential as it is meant to be. The truth is ‘yes’ in case of reputed and trustworthy online STD testing websites. In fact these tests can be just as reliable and accurate as a test conducted by a doctor in person when one steps into the establishment. There are some online testing centers out there that have a group of doctors who would be reviewing the test results and they can also offer consultations to patients as and when required. Thus everything can be done in privacy and with quality in mind.

One fact pertaining to conducting online confidential STD testing is that they allow the customers to control the information. Such centers would also employ a lot of mechanisms in order to protect their customers. When one requests the lab-based online STD testing through such websites, a patient ID number is provided. One also has to provide them with an email address so that the results can be mailed into one’s inbox. When the patient opens report received in his/her inbox, there would be an ID number on it in lieu of the patient’s actual name. In this way the patient’s true identity is protected.

What if the individual doesn’t know which STD to get tested for? This is one of the most common doubts in the minds of patients going for online STD testing. Well, in that case the staff or professional counselors of the website offering confidential STD testing would help the patient understand the risks and symptoms of their STD (if any). There would also be medical doctors on hand who would be able to provide advice whenever necessary. So, is online testing expensive? Although the cost is definitely higher than that of a co-payment from a simple insurance company but it is still quite reasonable.

If you conduct online STD testing in bulk then you would get discounts on the tests. Another common doubt is: ‘how quickly can confidential STD testing be administered?’ The answer is an hour’s time maximum. The person simply has to order an online STD test, print out the lab requisition form and visit the local testing facility. Appointments aren’t important here so the blood sample can be taken on the same day. As far as the doubt regarding the waiting time for results is concerned, the maximum duration is two or three days which is not very long.

Given the widespread use of Internet the natural question which arises is that how safe is online STD testing and is it true to its word? Prior to taking the plunge people must also learn the nuances which confidential STD testing demands so that their objective is appropriately met.

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