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By: amanda tom
Ruby and emerald rings for women are gaining immense popularity these days. These engagement rings have paved a path for those who want to try something different while investing in jewellery that reflects the essence of their relationship. The history of these stones could be one of the major reasons for their popularity. Ruby is widely accepted as the king of gemstones. Rare and beautiful, this stone tends to bring out the passion, generosity, kindness, and the romance which is needed to make a relationship successful and happy. Apart from these positive influences, the fiery red color adds to the aesthetic appeal of ruby engagement rings.

In contrast to the powerful emotions associated with ruby, emerald has always been a signifier of faith, hope and a stone that is known to preserve and safeguard love. Aristotle gave emerald a status which is higher than that of diamond and even said that the wearer will always get prosperity, victory and comfort. Emerald rings for women are regarded with great reverence and render the wearer a calming and soothing effect. As for ruby engagement rings, Prince Andrew is the reason behind its popularity. It was he who gifted Duchess of York, Fergie a majestic ruby ring.

Different stories and meanings are associated with emerald and ruby rings. Emerald rings for women have acquired a special status because it’s believed that the goddess of fertility resides in these rings. Regarded as a signifier of rebirth, it was worn by the queen Cleopatra. Be it China, Rome, India, Mexico, or Egypt, every country has favored these rings. Ruby is also not far behind in its auspicious value. If emerald has gained such a respectable status for itself, ruby is considered to be a woman’s sweetheart. It is a flawless stone; best in virtue and on the basis of this is also divided into four categories as per the Hindu faith. Ruby engagement rings are believed to be attached to the wearer’s body and thereby secure the future.

The variety of names by which these two precious gemstones are known, add to their richness. A ruby might be known as ‘ratnaraj’, ‘ratnanayaka’ highlighting its feature of being a king and in Latin it is referred to as ‘rubeus’. An emerald is known as ‘marakata’ in Sanskrit, again highlighting growth denoting to its quality of imparting unmistakably good influences, whereas the Latin word for it is ‘smaragdus’. Hence, whether you go for emerald rings for women or ruby engagement rings, each has its own charm and qualities which will redefine your relationship in a unique manner.

Every man longs to gift his woman with a perfect engagement ring and it is even better when the ring is custom made according to your needs. This could be easily done through a variety of online jewellery shops that specialize in ruby and emerald. Ruby engagement rings can be trusted to bring joy and infuse passion which couples yearn for. Emerald rings for women will surely impart truthfulness and loyalty that are necessary for any relationship to work. Hence, irrespective of which stone you choose, you are guaranteed a lifetime of happiness and satisfaction.

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