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By: my blog
  It is undoubtedly that for some players in Guild Wars 2, rapid upgrade is one of their goals. But the ways are not the same for these players to reach the full level. This I\'d not lie; as opposed to the traditional MMO game, Guild Wars 2 has a lot of revolutionary changes, including the upgrade system. That is no doubt that it launched a challenge with the classic RPG what we are familiar, even if some of the classic system, Guild Wars 2 still have the courage to innovate. Proficient in game system can master the upgrade path.

  First of all, I want to emphasize is I did not lie. I do see that there are hundreds of players continually point and said, somewhere of my adventure in Tyria are not very so powerful and somewhere did not do a good job. In fact, many are wrong; a lot of things are spread widely to cognate by players. Although they are not true, this result is a direct result of the players produce depressed mood in the game. These things can actually be traced back to the behavior of the get-rich-quick or rapid escalation of class. In order to quick, players directly overlooked the depth of the game content. You know, Guild Wars 2 in order to accommodate more game or fight, so in the game, there are many ways to get rewarded.

  Of course, this still cannot change the thoughts of the players to this game. You can also begin your upgrade tour by choose collecting routes (such as mining, logging, etc.), if you like this, this is entirely feasible. However, the most effective was a full of fun, excitement and a little bit busy way. Now I will show you five tips to led you to constantly explore and entertainment at the same time and breaking down those rumors before, the best place when you continue to enjoy the game, you will find that your level is rising.

  1. Do not neglect your daily and monthly achievements.

  2. Exploration is very good habit.

  3. To break a bad cycle.

  4. To upgrade outside of the corresponding level area.

  5. Consider preparatory program and do a good job of WVW mental preparation.

  These are my five tips for Guild Wars 2, hope them would be useful for you. If you are interested, you can express your views. Welcome to participate in the discussion of this topic.

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