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By: Greg
It's a series of digital books written by Chef Ron Douglas
and titled America’s Secret Recipes (

I bought a full set of them at $29.97 and you know what -
it's came with 100 % money back guarantee, no questions asked !

So, it meen for me, I can try America's Secret Recipes for
8 weeks. Cook as many of the mouth watering, lip smacking,
foolproof dishes as I like and use it to entertain as many
quests as I want. Wonderful staff, do you think so ?

Not only am I enjoing the book - but many, many recipes they sent me
on the Bonus CD.

I made a Tuscany Chicken with the Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits last
weekend for my friends. It was Delicious.

The friends of my found the dish's just like the food they gotten
at the restaurants they've been to.

Years ago I made the Arthur Treacher's fish and chips to
taste just like his. It took me a lot of years to do it but I
finally did. I had put the recipe away in an old file folder that
I had in a box in my vault at the bank, I thought I had lost it in
so many moves years ago I was sure surprised when I found it.
It is very much like the one in America’s Secret Recipes.
We had it for dinner and I had forgotten just how good it is.

My 10 year old granddaughter Cheyenne made the cheesecake
it was very easy for her. Everyone just raved over it.
I think that recipes like this is perfect for kids to start
learning how to cook and bake.

I don't know if fact what kind of cooking book I'll find in the
future if needed, but today it's my best money investment
possible in the Recipes copy cat.

If you enjoy good food too, you will want these books !

For detail learning about America’s Secret Recipes please go here:

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