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By: lisaye
  ArenaNet launched MMO game Guild Wars 2 (Guild Wars 2); it is very different compared to the previous game. The role of positioning in the copies of five people is not so obvious; each occupational skill is more comprehensive. How to play it in this case?

  Keep moving

  Like the BOSS war in WOW, each of the participating players must always pay attention to the location of their station; otherwise they will be hurt by some factors. Spread out around the boss station. And the rest is to pay attention to the skills of the BOSS; there will be no problem if you do not eat BOSS strong skills alone.

  Do not give up

  When your team failed, do not feel depressed, do not give up, what you have to do is to continue the fight! If you have sit on the floor, do not give up, continuing on the ground with a rock only to drop it. Because you sit on the floor, you can absorb more damage and you will not immediately die, so it is entirely possible to do that.

  Improve your skills

  Use of skills is a very important skill. Even if you can use the skills well, but sometimes it still make you very busy, so be sure to master your skills completely. You should use the appropriate skills with different players, and then fighting together will do more with less. We should know that the different aura will lead to a different effect.

  To learn more about the weapon mode

  Enemy will launch a remote attack in many copies of the war. This time, you not only need to pay attention to change your own battle mode, but also you should switch a weapon, then use this weapon to get a range of different skills. This approach is to make you have a secondary role with no doubt. Take a moment to research your skills to see what is suitable for team use and what is suitable for SOLO. You will feel very happy when you first turn the tide of the battle.

  The use of environment

  Most BOSS can take advantage of environmental factors in the scene such as large stone. Make good use of these things and the damage they cause will be very great!

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