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By: lisaye
  You may not know the game lair systems if you are a “The Secret World” casual gamers. Lair is covered with a super-powerful monster place; there should be three players to team up to go to the late game content. Each adventure zone has a nest; it will drop a stamp which can be used to summon quite the nightmare level copy BOSS whose strength is equal with the world-class BOSS.

  In the upcoming 1.2 patch, Funcom decided to adjust the difficulty of the lair for those casual gamers. The official website of a blog described the reasons for making these changes: "Some players do not like the excessive demands of the Nightmare, or do not have the time every night to spend a few hours to defeat the BOSS and update equipment. When we launched this patch, many late contents allow casual players to experience. "

  The specific purpose of making this adjustment is let casual gamers have the late game experience. Funcom went on to explain. 1.2 patch will be the lair for five people to participate, and some of the Well of Souls will reduce the players’ running burden. The patch will add a new task and loot to smooth the gap between low-end gamers and high-end players.

  In addition, the "The Secret World" 1.2 patch will also add the new copy of the map.

  "The Secret World" upcoming "New York" is not new, but the details of the message are not in detail. British computer game blog Rock, Paper Shotgun recently acquired a preview of some new content, and expressed great satisfaction, claiming: " The team copy and the whole new map are perfect end to the story of the first chapter of the game which answer a lot of mystery questions, and it also laid the basis for the follow-up story. "

  In addition to a copy of the New York City, players are able to experience a part of the city of Tokyo. Prior to this, Tokyo only exposed it in novice teaching. This time, the players can explore a lot of a new region and uncover the secrets of the serpent's headquarters behind. All these will appear in the game's second major version upgrade. This revision is tentatively scheduled on the line on September 11.

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