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By: lisaye
  Arenanet, the developer of the Guild Wars 2, has engaged in a massive operation on August 31. And the reason is the use of BUG in the game. A few days ago, the player finds a BUG in the game. Yellow weapons sold NPC in the game as long as 21Karma (Karma is playing strange points prizes within the game, very easy to get). Players buy synthesis of large numbers of weapons. Arenanet considered it as the BUG after such acts happened, and related accounts were permanently sealed to stop processing.

  It suddenly triggered large-scale disturbances in the player after this decision was published. Players said that low NPC selling price of goods is the creation of game companies, players buy and synthesis is because the games own set of features, And it in none of players’ business. Player's massive protests to the enormous pressure on official, there are players that, as long as the e-mail Arenanet guarantee that BUG is no longer used, you can permanently be stopped only 72 hours. But there are still a large number of dissatisfactory players.

  The Guild Wars 2 is developed by Arenanet Company a large MMORPG has now formally launched, online 400,000 and made good grades. Since the game has just listed, now many of the Guild Wars 2 has not yet been settled, opening treasure chests can be repeated, for example games, or of the merchant traffic in goods is far lower than the actual normal prices. Although Players do not use these unlawful plugins vulnerabilities, they have already committed to the official consumer terms. With this example, if players see the exception conditions in future game, don't itch to have a try, remember to feedback to the Crown .That is the best policy.

  ArenaNet, President and co-founder Mike O'BrienMike O'Brien pointed out that ArenaNet's highest priority is to ensure that all players are now able to get the best quality of play from the game, the Guild Wars 2 has developed five years ago, and the company's future will continue to maintain and update games. If the Outside of expected sales harmed the game's players’ rights who have already purchased the items, ArenaNet would suspend selling games.

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