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By: 50shades
Reading about a couple who is working through many of the struggles of daily life can be very intriguing to people. Ana Steele and Christian Grey are two people who are depicted in the book 50 Shades of Grey. When you beginning reading this novel you will quickly find that it is a romantic novel and will take you through the normal twists and turns of any relationship today.

The theme that is noticed is that the concept of understanding one another is very important to these two. Christian spends quite a lot of time and energy hiding his past from Ana. When he decides to slowly tell her about it, she begins to distrust what he is saying.

Women today do this regularly with men in their lives. This often can lead to many problems but can also help to strengthen a relationship. Working on understanding how the other people thinks is often important for a successful union.

The author of this book does not consider herself a world class author by any means. Again, this too is typical of a woman to do. While they might actually be very good at what they do, they believe they could always do much better.

The same is true of the characters in the novel. As Ana continues to struggle with what Christian means, she becomes frustrated with the fact that she is unable to truly understand what he is all about. This is a typical thing that takes place in any relationship today.

The foundation of this book is very closely meshed with ordinary life today. We all go through these same things in our own life. Not only is it true of real life, but many books and movies that are considered romantic center around the knowledge that men and women think differently in general and it is difficult for one to understand the other fully.

E L James is a pen name of course. However she has created a very intriguing and memorizing novel with 50 Shades of Grey. The writing tends to attract one’s attention and then draw them in and hold them anxiously waiting for the next step.

Ana Steele and Christian Grey are the main characters in the novel. However there are other more minor characters as well that help to fuel the desire to turn the page for the reader. This is one of those books that is very difficult to put down.

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