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By: Adair Sawyer
Well we all have this one burning question in our heads, how to lose weight! And hearing your pleas and cries for the same, we today have come up with 5 easy ways on how to get rid of that pesky weight issues. This would now help you achieve that goal faster, so that you could be well prepared for that big upcoming event in your life, so good luck!

1. Kick that sugary salty craving
If you really want to lose weight, you could opt for vitamins which could help, but start by saying NO to sugar and sugary products, oily stuff and cravings that you know are sinful. Snack on healthy fruits and veggies instead, carrots, grapes and apples are yummy. And when you have had a lionís share of the healthy food, you now wonít binge on unhealthy stuff. This way you would beat the craving and stay right on the track to your perfect body.

2. Water and more water helps with how to lose weight issues
Yes, you should have plenty of water, because it not only would hydrate you but would fill you up as well. And when you hunger for sinful cravings, you arenít starving, but you actually are only thirsty. We arenít telling you to starve, but we are asking you to have a large glass of water before you eat, this way you would prevent overeating at all costs. Hence a large bottle of water before every meal works wonders.

3. Apart from vitamins pile on foods that are healthy
This would be veggies and fresh fruits, and you should start binging on them from day one. But remember to empty your fridge and donate all those snack bars or chocolates too. Consumer foods are sinful, especially for emotional eaters. They only give you more weight and nothing else. So eat a lot of healthy food which would help you well, and donít forget water. And while eating visualize the food working its miracles and helping you to lose weight, which would answer one part of how to lose weight.

4. Get up and move around
Wear your sneakers and go out for a long walk, get into some form of physical activity which would make you feel great. Stress yourself with kickboxing if need be and aerobics too. Or even a good dose of dance with clear the body of negative energy and fats would dissolve. Burn those calories through a little physical activity, instead of just popping in vitamins.

5. Keep a diary on how to lose weight
Yes, keep a diary and journal every change you notice. It is also an emotional journey for many and hence your feelings should be penned down. Chronicle every day as it comes by and as you are coming closer to your dream figure. And one day you would look back at the unhealthy you and laugh your way through.

But whatever the plan is, with vitamins or without, you shouldnít give up on your dreams!!
How to lose weight is a big question mark for many people, but eliminating vitamins from your diet is a not a solution to it.

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