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By: Ricky bourne
If you are looking for American adventure holidays for singles, then you have picked the right country, because there is literally thousands of exciting all inclusive American holidays that cater for the single person. If you want a little bit of Adventure, then why not try a few theme parks. You could try the really big ones such as Universal studios and Disney World if you like, but the area and ethos is more family friendly rather than it is single friendly. Similar feelings are often felt around America’s massive water parks, where you often feel left out if you go by yourself. The best place to go for an American adventure holidays for singles is somewhere like Manhattan. That way you can spend your evenings in the singles bars and cruising the clubs and then spend your day time having fun that is not exclusively for couples. You could spend your days at Coney Island.
Coney Island is the neighbourhood west of Manhattan in the Brooklyn area and is an entertainment area that is host to over 35 attractions including the famous theme park. Here you will find the Astroland Amusement, which opened in 1927, where you can experience the world's most famous roller coaster called the Cyclone. The name Coney Island derives from the Dutch word Konjn, which means "rabbit", this name was due to the presence of several rabbits on his land. Captain Boyton opened Sea Lion Park in the 1895 with a few attractions for the public, then with each passing year more and more sophisticated machines were built to make the park more fun. The first thing that strikes visitors is the very long and very wide boardwalk, which is a walk made of wood that stretches up to beach, thereby connecting the fairground to the sandy beach. Coney Island is famous worldwide for the many films shot on the beach. Coney Island also has the New York Aquarium, which covers an area of 5.6 hectares and is home to 350 aquatic species. There are also a museum and a beach promenade, as well as other attractions like a circus, the Go-Kart City and the headquarters of the Cyclones baseball team.
Every year there is the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, the famous parade of full of costumes with not only mermaids, but with acrobats, free ice cream stands, and a dance floor. In the island, there are several eateries but the most famous is undoubtedly the Nathan's hot dog stand. This kiosk, which opened in 1916, became famous for its annual contest of eating hot dogs every July 4th.
Coney island is also good for the fact that if you do find love whilst you are on your all inclusive American holidays there, that there are romantic things you can do there too. There are things such as an amble down the beach promenade or stroll along the large wooden pier, and its always more fun visiting a circus with two of you there instead of just one.

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