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By: Amanda Tom
So this is your first time with a mia Isabella sex doll, a tranny doll to be precise and you would like to practice your sexual needs on her, before you try it on a real tranny out there. What you should remember is not the prowess that you can give to the doll. But how well you enjoy the experience on the whole is what matters, and this would allow you to be a master at your sexual acts when you hump real trannies in future. You could also think of using a blow up doll for that matter and practice your sexual acts on it. And remember, no one is here to judge the way you hump the doll, learn on your own and in your own time to become a master of sex, that’s it.

Having sex with the mia Isabella sex doll doesn’t make you bored or you wouldn’t be snubbed for doing it wrong. In fact it would be better to lose your virginity over this doll than a real man or woman who would judge your sexual act out there. And today we would like to give you 5 tips on how to have better sex with the love doll, so please read on and be well informed for the same.
1. With a blow up doll you get to make your sexual experience better. You also get sexually aware of yourself and you learn what would turn you on and what makes you feel good too. Hence what we would allow you to start out with first would be masturbating with the doll. By touching yourself with the help of the doll, you would learn better how to communicate with the doll. This would tell your partner in real life how to make you wild and crazy too. And since this is your first time, try and be sober while performing the act with the doll. You then wouldn’t regret not having good sexual experiences with the doll.

2. Before you have real sex with a man or woman for the first time, always practice it with the mia Isabella sex doll. It’s not important that you actually have body contact with a real person before the sex can start, but with a doll you can learn more to avoid untoward situations.

3. Use your imagination and let the act flow to teach you how love making between two individuals can happen. This wouldn’t allow any room for untoward situations and you also get to build the chemistry as well. You need to know what turns you on, and the sex doll will teach you just that.

4. Don’t fuss about not having an orgasm or an orgasm the way you would like one to be. When you have sex with the blow up doll you are practicing. And when you are practicing you aren’t being judged at all. You should allow yourself sometime, use the doll slowly and undress the doll as you would do to your partner as well. And this way when you really find the real person out there who would actually care and do good sex with you, you will learn to appreciate the act with more love and fondness too.

5. Kiss the blow up dolls armpits, smell its belly, bite its neck, massage her breasts, massage her cock, her buttocks etc, and be as romantic as possible while penetrating her as well.

So here is how the mia Isabella sex doll can help, get her home today!
The blow up doll especially the mia isabella sex doll is very popular today.

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