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By: Derrick Ashley
In the early 1990’s, European implantologist Dr. Paulo Malo innovated a sophisticated dental implant protocol to provide edentulous (toothless) and near-edentulous patients with a comprehensive and non-removable tooth replacement solution. Unlike all previous technologies, such as dentures or bridges, the All-on-4 in Houston, as the protocol is known, provides a fixed and long-term solution that can last for decades without the need for restoration or replacement. And unlike traditional dental implant protocol, the procedure for the placement of All-on-4 in Houston can be completed in a single day, with a single surgery. So, if you are a denture-wearer or are considering a tooth replacement solution, then read on! In this two-part article series, we present the 10 reasons the All-on-4 in Houston could change your life!

1. All-on-4 in Houston: Fixed and Non-removable Teeth

Let’s start with your level of self-consciousness. Most people struggling with rampant tooth loss or edentulism choose removable dentures (false teeth) because they are the least expensive tooth replacement option on the market. But just ask anyone who has been wearing removable dentures for any length of time and they will tell you about the ceaseless self-consciousness these archaic devices cause. “You constantly worry about your teeth moving around when you eat or talk,” explains one patient, “and you wonder if the people around you notice.” This isn’t even to mention the risk of ill-fitting dentures actually falling out your mouth, which might sound sensational, but is not unheard of!

The All-on-4 in Houston consists of a complete set of customized prosthetic teeth affixed to the abutments of, as the name suggests, four dental implants per jaw (see image above). As a result, your replacement teeth cannot move around or fall out. The fixed nature of the All-on-4 in Houston affords many other benefits…

2. All-on-4 in Houston: Looked After Just like Natural Teeth

Because the All-on-4 in Houston is fixed and non-removable, the dental bridge is cleaned just like natural teeth: with regular brushing and flossing. Unlike removable dentures, there is no need to remove the bridge at nighttime or after meals for cleaning, which is socially awkward at the best of times, not to mention an inconvenience!

3. All-on-4 in Houston: No Need for Messy Adhesives

Tired of constantly spending money on adhesives and worrying about your dentures sitting comfortably? The All-on-4 in Houston is ‘permanently’ affixed in the mouth with dental implants, thus negating the need for denture products such as adhesives. This saves patients a lot of money in the long run!

4. All-on-4 in Houston: A Comfortable Teeth Replacement Solution

The non-removable bridge used in the All-on-4 in Houston feels like a natural set of teeth and not like a foreign piece of plastic floating about in your mouth. This is largely thanks to the slimmer construction of the dental bridge. Removable dentures rely upon their bulkiness to keep them stabilized in the mouth. The All-on-4 in Houston is ‘anchored’ using dental implants, so the bridge can be fabricated to be much less bulky and this feels far more comfortable for patients.

5. All-on-4 in Houston: No More Pain!

Removable dentures sit on the gums covering the jaw bone ridge and transfer all the forces associated with eating and chewing directly to this vulnerable soft tissue. This causes much discomfort, pain, inflammation and the development of sores that aren’t given a chance to heal. Just like natural teeth, the All-on-4 in Houston gets all the support it needs directly from the underlying jaw bone. No more pain when eating and no more anesthetic gels!

Stay Tuned…

To read five more reasons why you should choose the All-on-4 in Houston as your tooth replacement solution, stay tuned for the final installment of this two-part article series.

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