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By: maryparker
The online Italian delis offer a wide range of niche produces sourced right from their birthplaces in Italy- be it the Parma Ham from hills of Parma or the fresh buffalo mozzarella from Campania. They also offer a whole range of pastas right from the commercial to the artisanal ones along with that hand-made pesto or that fresh piadinna! What adds more value to shopping from online Italian delis are the availability of niche products from different pockets of Italy – something that is impossible to find in traditional supermarkets !

Apart from the fresh ingredients , the online Italian delis also offer a whole of range of grocery products that are traditionally Italian and very rich on quality. Beverages like Ferrerele water , the Crodino , or the Peroni beer are a true delight to all. They often offer the best of Italian pastries through the wide range of products under the Mulino Bianco brand. It doesn’t end here – many of these Italian online deli offer hundreds of products that you will struggle to find anywhere else unless you in their production catchment areas in Italy.

Now, when you think about adding that special touch to your meal , think of an Italian online deli. How about ordering some high quality Parma ham , along with some fresh buffalo mozzarella, some fresh olives and a bottle of extra virgin olive oil – the perfect ingredients for your amazing aparetivo ! Think of some rich stracchino cheese generously spread over the best quality piadina . Add some Parma Ham to it and warm it on the toastie and you are in for an truly exclusive meal. The quality of the food that you get from the online Italian delis and wide variation they offer always lets you mix and match your ingredients – adding that element of surprise to your Italian menu !

The benefits of using an online Italian deli doesn’t end here. Placing the order online means that you get all your ingredients delivered right to your doorstep and at a time of your convenience. So no more hassles of standing in the long queues of the traditional delis or compromising on the quality of your meals.

It is worth sparing a thought on how to select your ideal Italian deli . This is easier said than done , more so considering the sheer number of such online Italian delis you tend to find. It is advisable that you do some research on the retailer in terms of their product credibility ( It’s always good to know that your Italian deli sources all its products right from Italy !) and their delivery schedule ( You would not like to waiting too long and disrupting your regular routine to receive your Italian ingredients !)

Once you have ensured this , you are well on course to build up your association with a credible Italian deli – a relation that would not let you down by offering you innovation , great quality and superb taste to your meals !
If you are in London and looking for the best quality Italian food sourced from their birth places, delivered 6 times a week right to your doorstep, you need to visit This online Italian deli offers more than 800 authentic Italian products that include the cheeses , ham , pasta , sauces just to name a few at prices which are affordable at the least !

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