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By: Amanda Tom
Moving is an investment, just like when you signed your mortgage for a new home. You are investing for safety and you want to make sure that your items are safely delivered. However, a lot of people like to cut corners when it comes to cheap moving supplies. We tend to underestimate the necessity that is involved when you buy moving boxes most importantly. By understanding the role of these items for your move, you might become more aware of your options and make sure that you are really buying the most cost effective products for your move.

Boxes are everywhere, but not moving boxes.

Some say a moving box is just a box and you can opt to go to a grocery or liquor store and get yourself old boxes and other stuff. Deciding on what to buy for packing purposes is strictly a decision that you make as the one doing the packing. Your decision might be based on the idea that the boxes will only end up on the basement when you are done. We fail to realize the actual usability factor when we buy moving boxes. The important aspect to consider is durability. While liquor boxes tend to be durable since they are designed to carry sets of wine bottles with liquids, that does not mean they are durable enough for most moving activities. There are tons of boxes you can buy, but they are not necessarily the ones you actually need in the long run.

Different boxes have different dimensions, and you might not be making the best decisions with random boxes.

Some moving companies rate their services on mass and not weight. How much has been accumulated per truck? Do you need another van for the move? That is extra expense. When you buy moving boxes, you have to understand that keeping them in standard sizes helps fill more space and ensure that all items will be carries by one truck. Space saving is the idea of keeping items in boxes but if you choose randomly sized boxes, instead of simply putting items together, you are building a jigsaw puzzle which may not be the most practical or cost effective solution. You may be saving by getting cheap moving supplies or even free moving supplies, but you may not be really saving enough for the cost of moving if your items are hard to pack inside the truck.

You might not qualify for insurance

Some moving companies prefer that you use their boxes instead of opting for cheap moving supplies not because theirs is fancier, but due to security purposes. They know that their boxes are designed for moving and they know that the boxes can carry considerable weight. They often cover insurance on items that are inside the boxes. If you decided to not use their boxes, in case of an accident, how secure are you? Of course, this is case to case basis. Some movers require that you use standard sized boxes. Talk to the movers about such details.
Moving is a fun thing to do but that does not mean is it without any investing on your behalf. It is essential that you buy moving boxes to secure your items. We have a wide range of cheap moving supplies so that you can move more securely. Visit our website and learn more about our product offerings.

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