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By: ParagonSchool
100 Times Better
April 2010 Sporting Clays Tip

Last month we took a look at "the hard part." In that discussion, I mentioned the "1" change. Let's talk about that a bit further.

First, it's human nature to be in a hurry to get somewhere. I get that. Guilty myself. But in skill development, it just doesn't work that way. Ain't goin' to happen. Like it or not, learning a new language, a new software program, shooting skills, let's face it, some time and effort will have to be invested. So we head out to the range, fully determined to accomplish something good today. Here's how.

Many of us will decide to work on, let's say, 4 things. OK, those 4 things, we'll do them 25 times each. We'll ratchet up our focus and get down to some serious work on those 4 changes. That's 100 shells, 100 targets over an 80 minute period. Here's what we really did. We divided our 80 minutes of attention into fourths. We actually spent only 20 minutes and 25 shells on each change. Not bad, but could it be better?

I am a firm believer in building methodically, in smaller increments in order to build reliability and repeatability. Here are 2 other training choices. A) Reduce the number of changes to 2 instead of 4. That gives you more time (40 minutes) and 50 shells (instead of 25) on 1 change. Same goes for the 2nd change. 80 minutes. B) Spend your entire 80 minutes, undivided attention and 100 shells on 1 change.

I vote for B.

All of this of course assumes the change is the right one and executed with a best effort to do it properly. With those 2 assumptions in place, solidifying 1 change in your game firmly and consistently is a whole lot better than making 4 changes in your game,....sort of, sometimes.

In my experienced opinion, the value of 1 X 100 really does exceed 4 X 25 by a wide margin. And 100 times for 1 change is a starting point, not an ending. More about this in an upcoming article. Thanks for joining me here today.

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