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By: kieransamh
For vacation full of magnificent sights and excitement, Amazon cruises would be the right option. With a wide range of eye catching sightseeing places to visit, it would literally be difficult for the tourists to decide where to go. Irrespective of whether a person is animal lover, nature lover or cultural information gatherer, he has everything to feed his interest in this wonderful part of the world. Here are details regarding some of the popular locations to visit:

A trip into the jungle would the best experience any person would get in his life and by visiting Manaus, this desire can be achieved. If a tourist begins his journey from Rio Negro, he will be cruising for two hours or so before reaching the lodge for spending the peaceful night. Even, they can choose the option of staying in the jungle itself if they are really courageous. Tourists can also visit different places in the forest at different times of a day by accompanying a guide and taking a motorized canoe. On the basis of the time they are leaving, they can get different experiences in the forest. While they will be seeing countless incredible creatures like caimans and a wide range of plants, they will also be able to learn some information about jungle survival.

For people, who are interested in learning about cultural aspects of Amazon, they can visit Boi Bumba Festival celebrated at Parinitins. By visiting this festival, visitors can get to see the music and dance of the local people and at the end of the festival open dancing inviting anybody to dance is also conducted and therefore, tourists can also make them a part of the festival by dancing and can get an unforgettable holiday experience with the local people of Amazon.

For people, who are interested in learning about the ecosystem of the river, travelling to Santaren for cruise on the Maica Lake would the right option. The trip will begin at a place, which is popularly known as wedding of the waters since it begins at the union of the Tapagos and Amazon rivers. During this incredible cruise, visitors can get to see rare water livings like pink dolphin and even piranhas.

If you are interested in exploring all these interesting things during your forthcoming vacation, book your Amazon cruise visit with the help of the best companies offering great Amazon river cruise deals and make your vacation unforgettable.

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