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By: Limoeg Veigroeg
1. Bird houses are big assortment of types, every to magnetize different species. Make a choice for house that suits to the feathered friends
2. Nesting houses magnetize birds that want to nest in hollow nesses. Such are bluebirds, woodpeckers, starlings, sparrows.
3. Your bird house must be in proportion to the size of birds which visit your home. Chickadees, wrens like little houses and so they feel secure.
4. Our bird houses are constructed to have resistance to the weather. They can stay out all the cold season to give shelter to certain species
5. You have to clean the bird house once a year , and make disinfection with a soap and some water.
6. in case your bird house is on a tree it have to be located above range and away from predators
7. Bird houses add personality to your yard. The kind of birds depends on the size and type of the house
8. Bats keep away from the yard mosquitoes and other pets. There are also bat houses for these animals
9. Wooden and bird houses from metal can revise paint when they are exhibited to the elements. The natural weathering is a share of their looks.
10. You can magnetize birds to your yard with food, water, shelter. The bird house is a mode to make the wildlife feel welcome any time and attract them to be back every year.

Limoeg Veigroeg is owner and editor of where you can find information on every type of bird houses , bird feeders and all for wild birds. Wild Birds Comfort provides detailed information in decorative , custom , antique, wooden, and discount birdhouses sale, as well as bird feeders.

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