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By: Endra Jhon
Playing peek-a-boo through the blinds in the kitchen had been a childhood sport. It was through the blinds facing the garden that you saw your loved one get wet in the first rain. The feeling was as if the rain drops were seeping through the drapes directly into your heart. From the mystical cool darkness of the summer afternoons behind your honeycomb cellular shades to watching the destruction of the Nor-Wasters through the small gaps in your blinds – memories behind those coverings are aplenty.

The market is proving to tempt you to make more of such memorable experiences with their newest collections of blinds, drapes, curtains and shades. Earlier, as you would walk by the street, the drapes would attract your attention from the windows of the shops with their dazzling colours and heartfelt designs. But now, we live in the age where products literally walk to us to be noticed. New designs like the blinds top down bottom up and newer varieties in the cordless cellular shades category are screaming style from the internet marketing websites.

But, if you look carefully, you will find more varieties here than in most of the stores and shops. You would previously have to search the whole city for the perfect drapes shop. And, when you would have found it, you would have to wait for your particular brand and style of fashionable shades to come. With technology, what isn’t possible? Now you have to just sit home and relax, while you shop your favourite blinds and curtains from hundreds of choices.

But old days were golden days, right? The classic designs of the wooden blinds are not to be found anymore, isn’t it? Is it? If you order for honeycomb cellular shades, you will get honeycomb cellular shades. If you want Soft Roman Shades, you will get Soft Roman Shades. Then if you want to relive the old days, how can it be in any other way? You can sit beside your window while unfolding your promised wooden blinds to see the reddish glows of the setting sun.

The ethnic looks of the modern blinds are also worth mentioning. Earlier you used to slide the curtains or unravel your blinds. Meet the newest popular kid in the blinds arcade - the blinds top down bottom up. Simple enough to fix with tools, translucent shades with an elegant look, and it shifts vertically. Slide it upward or downward to play peek-a-boo of a different kind with your children. Sophisticated looks come free with the sleek designs of the blinds and the colourful shades. Fall in love with your home once again as you retire yourself in tired evenings behind the thick and silky drapes.

But, it is once you step outside your curtains that you see the world’s true colours. You look into the day’s first streak of sunlight that comes through the gaps of your curtains. You get the feel that the world outside is as beautiful as the morning itself. A fresh beginning from the mystical darkness of shade and light symbolizes your coming good day.

The author is an avid buyer of honeycomb cellular shades and other forms of draperies. She explores the market to discover new varieties like the blinds top down bottom up and others. For more information visit

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