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By: Amanda Tom
There are no second thoughts about the importance of a KRAWATTEN to add to the elegant appearance of your attire and the innovative trends and experiments in the shades and design of neck ties have proved that the modern generation has put great emphasis on this cute and beautiful piece of cloth wrapped around your neck. But the elegance that a neck tie brings to your appearance would fluctuate to the funny side if you are not aware of how to tie the tie knot in a presentable way.

Even if you are aware of it, you may forget it over a period of time since many of us would like to wear casual attire during most of the occasions and in fact would like to avoid the circumstances where we have to wear formals. If you are not using it for quite a long period of time then naturally you would forget how to tie the knot of a KRAWATTEN and thereafter even if you try your level best to recall you may not be able to find the best way to make an appreciable neck tie knot.

There are many methods for tying the knot of a KRAWATTE or a neck tie and according to the occasion you can select the best method. If you are wearing a collar shirt then a double Windsor tie knot would be the best suitable one and for other normal dressing style a half Windsor knot would do. But the most popular and classic of all tie knots is the four-in-hand neck tie knot and it tis the most used one also.

Four in hand KRAWATTEN knots are the best model for men of medium height but it also fits best with tall men and it would match with most of the shades and types of collar shirts. Even though it is considered as the classic among all neck tie knots, tying it is very simple. In tying it you are mainly moving the wider end only and the narrow end is kept idle. You need to move the wider end twice around the narrow one and pull it down till your waist level. Make sure that the tie length is just above your waist level and not too short or long. Once finished, hide the narrow end of the neck tie.

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