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By: david raju
Today in every street of Hyderabad, we found a tattoo parlour. They are increase their number because of the number of persons who are taking tattoo designs on their body are increased. To establish a tattoo parlour, there are some rules exist to follow. But every one doesn’t follow these rules. They start the shops for tattoo design without any authorization.
Title 10 Guam Code Annotated §10102 and §§21101 and 21102 authorizes the Department to establish Rules and Regulations governing Tattoo parlours in Hyderabad and to ensure that all provisions of 10 GCA Division 2 regarding permit issuance are carried out.
1. Construction permits:
Any one, before constructing a Tattoo parlour or before making an addition to or conversion of or major alteration of an existing facility shall first submit plans and specifications of such building or changes to the Department of Public Health and Social Services, Division of Environmental Health in accordance with separate regulations established for obtaining a Construction Permit from the Department.
2. Sanitary Permits:
No one shall directly or indirectly in any manner, conduct, control, manage, maintain or operate a Tattoo Parlour or operation unless a valid Sanitary Permit. For this first they submit an application form to the deportment. Then the deportment verifies that they meet the minimum requirements or not. If they satisfy, they issued the sanitary permits to them. The renewal parlours are also applicable to this. If they don’t meet the requirements their permissions are suspended or terminated.
3. General Sanitary Requirements, Controls and Facilities:
In this every Tattoo parlour must take necessary steps in the location of parlour, walls and ceiling design, floors maintenance, water supply, Lavatories, Toilet Facilities, Sewage Disposal, Garbage and Refuse Disposal, Food, Premises and Animals
4. Construction and Maintenance of Physical Facilities:
In this step they follow the General, Lighting, Ventilation, Lockers and Dressing Areas facilities.
5. Cleaning, Sterilization/Sanitization of Tattooing Instruments and Equipment Storage:
In this, Needles are considered disposal and shall be destroyed after use, and shall be used on only one customer. All multi-use instruments in tattooing human beings shall be wrapped and sterilized in steam in an autoclave with at least 15 pounds pressure per square inch for at least 15 minutes at 240_F before each use.
6. Equipment and Materials Used:
All dyes or pigments used in tattooing shall be from sources approved by the Department. Maintain not less than 12 sets of sterilized needles and tubes.
7. Aseptic Technique:
Before working on a customer the Tattoo artists shall clean their hands. The area of the customer's skin to be tattooed shall be prepared by washing with warm water and approved cleanser. Shaving shall be done with a sterile razor blade. Before placing the design treat the skin area with seventy percent rubbing alcohol or other approved germicidal solution. The completed tattoo shall be washed with a piece of sterile cloth or paper saturated with an approved germicidal solution.
8. Hygiene:
In this area they follow the Employee Practices, Hygiene and Restrictions.
9. Control of Contagious Disease:
10. Records:
The tattoo parlours must maintain the proper records of their customers.
11. Health Certificate:
No person shall practice the art of tattooing unless he or she holds a valid Health Certificate issued by the Department.
A best tattoo parlour in hyderabad must follow and satisfy the above requirements. It is the best Tattoo studio for tattoo designing. So, when you want to design a tattoo on your body you must choose the parlour which meets the above steps.

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