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By: Daniel Brooks
Kindle is a marvellous gift for those book lovers who can’t keep themselves away from their favourite books for long interval of time as reading books or stories for them is a sort of addiction. Kindles being rich in features doesn't affects its usability, its user-friendly navigation is amazing, and its availability in different models and at affordable cost constitute another landmark to its feature.

Basic purpose of kindle is for reading e-books but it is a multipurpose device which can be used for browsing, playing games, sending files, and storing data. Kindle is safe for us as it uses the latest generation of Electronic Ink (“E Ink”) technology, which is designed specifically to deliver clearer, sharper text that makes reading for long period of time more comfortable. Some of the advantages of reading on E Ink devices:

Reads like Real Paper, Even in Bright Sunlight
E Ink screens look and read just like real paper. Kindle e-readers' matte screens reflect light like ordinary paper and use no backlighting, so you can read as easily in bright sunlight as in your living room. Unlike LCD screens, E Ink screens have no glare.

Easy on the Eyes
E Ink uses actual ink particles to create crisp, print-like text similar to what you see in a physical book. And Kindle e-readers also use proprietary, hand-built fonts to take advantage of the special characteristics of the ink to make letters appear clear and sharp.
• Less eye fatigue: Every time your eye switches from a bright screen to a dimmer, ambient room, your eyes have to adjust, this may result in fatigue. With E Ink, the page is the same brightness as everything else in the room so there's no adjustment needed.

• Reduced glare: All E Ink surfaces are treated to be matte like a printed page, reducing glare and increasing legibility.

• Read in any position: E Ink screens have a uniform contrast ratio that does not change with your viewing angle, so you can read in any position.

• Sharp, clear text: E Ink screens have 100% aperture ratio, so there are no gaps between pixels. The blacks and whites on an E Ink screen are uniform, improving image quality.
Storage Capacity

A single kindle can hold approximately up to 3500 books, so that means you can always keep your premium collection of favourite and interesting books with you, without being worry about deleting the old books in order to store new books in the kindle.

Kindle store
Kindle store has a huge collection of more than 70,000 books, from where one can download books as per their choice or interest.

Light Weight
Ranging from 5.98 ounces to 8.7 ounces, Kindle e-readers are lighter than most paperback books, and weigh half as much as many LCD tablet devices, making it easy and comfortable to hold in one hand for extended periods of time.

Longer Battery Life
Electronic ink screens usually consume low power than LCD screens. E Ink screens do not require power to maintain a page of text, and thus allowing you to read or use your kindle up to a month or two on a single charge, as compared to tablet or smart phones.

So, buying Kindle is a wise step for those who always keep on moving and usually read books on portable electronic devices. Kindle comes in numerous model with wide range of price option, so anyone can buy it according to his/her budget, in the end I would say that kindle is the best device to keep your passion of reading alive.

Daniel brooks is a gizmo freak who has been using Amazon kindle since it has been launched in market, Here in this article he explain about the benefit and quality of kindle.

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