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By: fall
  To describe Tissot watches, one can say that they are simple, but attention grabbing. Known to deliver excellent time-telling, they also keep an eye out for sensible designs with the occasional extraordinary pieces.

  1. The Tissot company has over 150 years of history of continuous exceptional watch-making from its humble beginnings in 1853 at Le Locle, Switzerland.

  2. A team of father and son, Charles-Felicien Tissot and Charles-Emile Tissot, founded the company and created a reputation of excellent workmanship and well-built quality watches.

  3. The company lives by the maxim, “Innovators by Tradition” which they prove time and again over the years of eclectic and some brilliantly unusual designs.

  4. Since 1983, Tissot has been a member of one of the leading watch producer and distributor worldwide, the Swatch Group Ltd.

  5. These watches are manufactured in Switzerland, which makes them loyal to the Swiss watch-making tradition. Their increasing popularity lead them to open stores in over 140 countries worldwide.

  6. They were the first to develop the first pocket with two time zones when they started out in 1853. In 1953 they released the Navigator which had 24 time zones.

  7. They were also the first to develop the first non-magnetic wristwatch in 1930, the IDEA 2001 (Astrolon) in 1971 which was the first plastic mechanical watch, the Rock watch in 1985, made out of granite from the Alps, the Pearl watch in 1987, which was the first watch to be made out of mother of pearl. They were also the first to make the first wood watch, released in 1988, and then the T-Touch, the 6-function touch screen watch in 1999.

  8. If you are the outdoorsy kind of person, the T-Touch series is made especially for you, because these new breed includes compasses, an altimeter, barometer and thermometer, all within a single watch.

  9. They are one of those brands in the industry that offers high-end watches at affordable or mid-range prices. As most people say, the positive attention they get is more than the price that you pay for it. That is why even at a budget, you can still show fine taste.

  10. One distinct feature about this watch is its bold design, but it is not overstated. As most people would put it, it has that dressy-casual paradox to it. These watches can find itself a place in any occasion, whether it is in the boardroom, on a black tie dinner, or while on the outdoors.

  11. Most of those who own a Tissot watch claim that they get a lot of praises and attention from the watch. They usually don’t expect that it only costs a couple of hundred dollars, because it portrays an image that it looks much more than that. It has a good overall design as if it was carefully planned out by an architect.

  12. Tissot has over thirty six designs to date which ranges from sporty, trendy, feminine and the classics.

  13. They are also known to be a brand that produces COSC certified watches at budget-friendly prices. An example would be the T-Sport PRS 516, which was a limited edition watch.

  14. They are the official timekeeper and partner of the world championships of ice hockey, fencing cycling, MotoGP and NASCAR. They developed sensors placed on the vehicle and the track which are then connected to a computer system to provide track timings and other performance data. This goes to show that they are a brand that has a reputation for precise timekeeping, quality and dependable performance.

  15. Tissot watches are also widely popular in pop culture. Celebrities and famous individuals who have been seen wearing it include Grace Kelly, Nelson Mandela and Elvis Presley. It is also a common fixture among the wrists of sports figures such as Nicky Hayden. These watches are also seen in movies such as Tomb Raider and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

  Tissot watches have indeed made a mark in the history of watch-making. They kept their value for quality timepieces, while at the same time, making them widely available for many. Affordability, quality, creativity and reputation – these are basically the four reasons why you would love Tissot’s brand of watches.

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