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By: swornambiga
The Apple iphone is quad-band, wi-fi enabled (Apple site specs say 802.11b and g though Steve was talking about n compatibility also), with Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, GSM, and EDGE. iPhone features the most revolutionary user interface since the mouse. It’s an entirely new interface based on a large multi-touch display and innovative new software that lets you control everything using only your fingers. So you can glide through albums with Cover Flow, flip through photos and email them with a touch, or zoom in and out on a section of a web page all by simply using iPhone’s multi-touch display.

Intelligent Keyboard iPhone’s full QWERTY soft keyboard lets you easily send and receive SMS messages in multiple sessions. And the keyboard is predictive, so it prevents and corrects mistakes, making it easier and more efficient to use than the small plastic keyboards on many smartphones.

The camera leaves much to be desired with a rather small f 6.8 opening. It takes a lot of light to capture images without camera motion. Communications device with desktop-class email, web browsing, maps, and searching - into one small and lightweight handheld device.

Apple iPhone also introduces an entirely new user interface based on a large multi-touch display and pioneering new software, letting you control everything with just your fingers. This is the 8gb IPhone unlocked for any carrier that utilizes SIM cards, just like any other phone on this site. The Visual Voice Mail feature is carrier-specific, and will not work if connected to any service other than AT&T.Will Apple release an unlocked iPhone (that accepts sim card of any cellular operator like other GSM phones) - that may be the top question in your mind now as Apple iPhone is all set to debut in few hours on AT&T stores in North America.

There’s little reason to believe that Apple will themselves release an unlocked iPhone given their exclusive contract with AT&T but there’s a high probability that creative minds will find some workarounds and the unlocked model of iPhone may soon be on eBay stores in India and around the world. Please Purchase online

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