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By: Soharab Hossain
Writing is a passion. Kolkata has given some of the most celebrated writers to the world. Kolkata is land of the world’s renowned poet and writer, Shri Rabindra Nath Tagore. Kolkata is a modern metropolitan city of India, but still the charm and charisma of the city has not lost its appeal. Creative people from all parts of India come to Kolkata in search of new and unique ideas. The residents of this ‘city of joy’ have always enjoyed the work done by the Novelists in Kolkata. People here have enormous sense for admiring the work of a great Writer in Kolkata.
The writers in the city are passionate about their work. They come up with unique ideas and then write around these plots. One can easily find writers in Kolkata who choose from a variety of topics, like, some prefer writing about a fact whereas some would like to use their skill to narrate an imaginary tale. Writers all over the world share a burning passion to write and express their thoughts to the reader. They master their art of writing by taking proper care about each and every detail and event of the story. It takes years to master the art of writing, as perfection in writing is not a very easy to attain.
Writing involves much more than only putting words on paper, it is a skilled craft and to succeed as a writer on requires following discipline and proper techniques. The writer must be able to express the feelings and emotions of the characters of his story. It is all the more imperative for a novelist to ‘get connected’ or ‘feel’ the inner emotion of each character of his novel. Strong characterization and portraying of their feelings through words will keep interest of the reader alive in the novel.
An interesting story line can simply keep the readers glued to the novel. Keeping the readers engrossed-true sign of the strength of novel writer. The writer who write on various social and political issues, aim at creating awareness amongst the masses on such sensitive matters. They do write-ups for various periodicals, magazines and newspaper. These days, numerous writing works are also being published on the internet. It is because of the great contribution of these writers that several changes in our society have taken place.
The work of the writers of an era is considered to be a true mirror of the existing society of that time. A celebrated Writer in Kolkata therefore has a lot of responsibility to shoulder. A budding Novelist in Kolkata has to learn all the important aspects related to writing, editing and publishing. He also has to learn to take criticism kindly and use it to improve his writing. Writing a story can also be described as painting a picture with words. He is required to write skillfully so that compelling story is created. It takes discipline and zeal to keep writing and improving. Remember, perseverance is the key to success!
Author Bio: Soharab Hossain is a famous litterateur in Kolkata. He is considered to be the finest Story Writer in Kolkata. To know more about this Famous Novelist in Kolkata visit

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