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By: Luther White
Services such as US Gold Bureau allow investors to build a portfolio of precious metals easily and one of the ways that many enjoy doing this is by purchasing coins. Silver coins are not only a solid way to diversify one's portfolio, they also offer a unique history that is well worth learning more about. The history of these coins in the US is definitely of interest to most investors who purchase through United States Gold Bureau and today we are going to learn why that is. Once you see what an important role they have played, you will understand much of their appeal.

The history of the types of silver coins today offered by US Gold Bureau stretch all the way back to the Revolutionary War, when silver was the chosen medium intended to strike coins in. However, each of the colonies at that time used different currency and war concerns eliminated these early silver coins from being circulated. Instead, it would not be until 1794 that nearly 1,800 of these coins was produced for circulation. While these specific coins are not what one finds through United States Gold Bureau today, they are the predecessors to our modern coins in silver. Extremely rare coins exist from the first half of the 1800's of which only a few exist today.

In 1840, things began to change and the Seated Liberty Dollar was minted. For another 33 years, this coin would be produced as many U.S. Gold Bureau buyers know. Next came the Trade Dollar, that like earlier silver coins, was to be used for trading with Asian nations of the day. Problems arose when the price of silver dropped dramatically the coins could be bought for low prices in Asia and then brought to the US to use in paying down debts. Congress revoked the status of the Trade Dollar as legal tender due to these abuses.

In 1878, the Morgan Dollar began to be produced and it was popular until the Peace Dollar began to be struck in 1921 after the close of Word War I. U.S. Gold Bureau investors know that this coin was minted until 1935 when another World War started up. Today, the American Silver Eagle coin is in minted, just as it has been since 1986 and it is the most common choice of today's investors.

As you can see, the history of silver coins in the United States is a long and varied one that certainly lends itself to study. Today's Silver Eagle coins are definitely a smart choice for investors who want to diversify their holdings and enjoy a silver coin made in the USA.

Kelly Brannigan is a coin and US Gold Bureau enthusiast who writes extensively for coin web sites. When not offering advice, he maintains his boutique farm in Eastern Vermont with his partner. Visit for more information.

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