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By: quittingweed1
According to the records of National Institute of Drug Abuse, marijuana is the most regularly neglected drug in the USA, which is more commonly called as weed. The Cannabis Sativa plant produces marijuana as a budding flower and it can be smoked as tobacco for producing delta 9-Tetrahydeocannabinol, THC. Since THC offer psychotropic effects, it is used as the famous entertaining drug by millions of people in America. Even though, it is not chemically addicting, the modified sensitivity and feelings created by it can addict people psychologically. If you are a person thinking of ‘how can I stop smoking weed?’ here are some useful tips for you to get yourself out of Marijuana:

The first step towards stopping smoking weed would be to establish a strong desire for quitting it. Your firm desire to get away from smoking will prove to be helpful since it is obvious that on the path towards quitting, you will come across several obstacles that require your choice to either go back to your sick habit or to move on with your confidence to stop it completely.

Normally, people with smoking habit will have friends or people, who have the same habit and if you really desire to stop smoking, it is better to avoid their company. This is because it would be difficult to stop smoking when you are moving along with people, who are having the habit. You might be having friends, who force you to continue with the habit and it is you, who have to decide whether to continue with their friendship or to stop your smoking weed, which has several ill effects. There is a great chance that you can find new friends, who respects your desire to stop smoking.

You can write down the reasons why you wish to stop smoking like health hazards associated with the weed not only for yourself, but also for your family members in such a way that whenever you feel like smoking again, reading the reasons written down by you will enable you to reduce your desire of smoking.
Nowadays, with the fast development of the internet, there are websites offering tips for people looking for ‘how can I stop smoking weed’ in the form of written text, audio and video contents and visiting these sites can enable you to get some useful tips to get out of the ill habit of smoking. So, try to protect yourself from the ill effects of Marijuana today!!!

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