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By: Josephine Martin
I am sure many of you will agree with me that one of the best enjoyed games is ice hockey. This is a sport held indoor on a stadium with an icy ground. At the ice hockey games, players are dressed wearing skates which are boots that have wheels or blades. These boots form one of the major equipment required to participate in the game and it allow the players to roll and glide easily on the icy floor.

There are several sports that use ice skates as footwear. These are boots which has a blade attached at the bottom side to allow for the smooth gliding of the wearer on the ice. The varieties of this boot include the roller and inline skates which are also boots but they are made with wheels to permit rolling on the ice by the wearer.

In the early days of hockey games, the first set of skates was produced from the bones horses’ or ox and dear’s legs. With the aid of leather straps, the skates are attached to the legs. At the present time, skates are worn in several games including racing, ice hockey, bandy, figure skating and so on.

The following are the necessary equipment needed to play in a hockey league

• Neck guard
• Shoulder pads
• Hockey gloves
• Mouth guards
• Shin guards
• Glider footwear
• Hockey stick
• Helmet with strap and face cage
• Garter belt; used to hold the pants together
• Hockey pants (made with thigh pads)

All these equipment are necessary in order to protect the players. This is because the ice hockey game has more physical damage involved when compared to the risk involved in the general hockey. In hockey leagues and games, the players cannot walk, but only glide or roll on the floor because of the icy surface they play on. This increases the risk of falling and getting injured. However, for a properly kitted ice hockey player, the equipment are well designed to confer necessary protection.

The game of ice hockey is played by men and women. Each player in the game is expected to have his/her own complete kit, alongside with the hockey stick that is designed for the game. Also, ice hockey game has a number rules that makes it different from the general hockey game. Although, the main components needed for the game are the skates, it has however become a very famous game because of the fact it has to be played on an icy surface.

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