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By: Philip Fall
Many people are very worried about flea infestations. This can put them off the idea of sharing them home with pets. However with the right cat flea treatment steps in place you don’t have to worry about infestations.

There are many products and methods available these days to deal with infestations and allow you to enjoy pet ownership with fleas getting in the way.

Why You Need to Stop Fleas

Fleas are nasty little bloodsuckers that can make life miserable for cats and pet owners. They are very small and difficult to spot and so infestations can develop before you realise there is a problem. This is why you do need to take a proactive approach to preventing fleas. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they are not affecting your pets and home. Here are just 3 easy steps to preventing fleas in your home.

Step 1 – Frontline Cat Flea Treatment

You do need to treat your pets against fleas all year round. Frontline is an excellent product with a proven history of flea prevention. With Frontline flea treatment for cats you will be able to quickly and easily treat your pets and exterminate any fleas that try to feed from them.

Frontline is a great way to deal with adult fleas as it will kill them very quickly once they have tried to feed from pets. This means when pets pick up new fleas they can be killed before they have a chance to jump off and infest other areas.

Step 2 – Home Cat Flea Treatment

You also need to tackle any fleas that may have already started breeding in your home. Fleas will breed in any warm, dark places such as in the weave of carpets or under floorboards. As most modern homes are centrally heated this means they can even thrive during the colder months.

There are some excellent Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) cat flea treatment products available. They work to disrupt the life cycle of fleas to prevent them from breeding and infesting your home. You can use these IGR products twice a year (they should last for 6 months) to keep your home free from fleas.

Step 3 – Cleaning Schedule

Flea infestations do not mean your home is unclean. However a few tweaks to your cleaning schedule can help to control fleas and assist with successful flea treatment for cats.

• Fleas get into carpets, bedding and soft furnishing in places where pets sleep. This means you can help to control fleas by washing bedding and pillow covers frequently.

• You should also vacuum rugs, carpets and sofa cushions every two or three days as well.

• This works to pick up adult fleas and will also trigger eggs to hatch so that when you do carry out treatments they will be more successful.

A successful cat flea treatment program will help to prevent infestations in your home. With just a few easy steps you can use effective products and techniques to ensure fleas don’t ruin your pet ownership experience. For more details visit and

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