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By: Dave Armistead
Whenever you are hosting a special event or occasion, hiring a caterer is part of the initial planning. It is a straightforward task but can be a bit challenging especially if you have special preferences and there are many catering companies to choose from. Your food service provider can impact the success of your event. If you do your homework well before hiring a catering company, you will be able to find a reliable caterer that can accommodate your taste, preferences and budget. So whether you are planning a birthday party, baby shower, wedding, social gathering, or any important event, there are things you should know so you will be able to choose the right provider.

1. Assess your needs. Before contacting any catering services, you must first assess your needs. Your needs largely depend on the type of event you are hosting. If there is a theme for your event, that is a very important consideration also. It will affect your decision on the food you will serve, how they should be presented, what kind of services you need during the occasion, and many other details.

2. Shop around. Once you are done with the initial step, you can then shop around for catering services which meet your criteria. It will be easier for you if you can get referrals from someone who has hired a catering service before. If not, you really have to ask around. List down several of them and compare which can provide you the best services at a cheaper price.

3. Sample the food. To narrow down your list, set an appointment with each caterer on your list to sample their food and see how it will be presented during the actual event. It’s also the perfect time to ask questions about their services. You should ask them if they can adjust to you special needs like if you want all ingredients to be organic and so on. Ask them also if they have the capacity to serve your number of visitors, their pricing and other important things you should know about. You can also check pictures of their past services to get an idea on how they do their setup, put finishing touches, and other small details.

4. Select your best. From your list, you can then select the catering service you like best. There are many things which you should discuss with your caterer and everything should be clear from the start. These include the menu, special ingredients you prefer like if you prefer organic and natural products, pricing, setup, person in-charge on the event day, their level of involvement if you like the catering company to be in charge of everything or just hire them for the food, and many other things. Everything should be spelled out.

5. Make a contract. To finalize your agreement, you must make a written contract. Normally, caterers will let you sign a standard contract. But if there are changes you like to be accommodated in the contract, insist on it. Once you sign the contract, you have officially hired your catering company.

If you have a reliable caterer, everything will just go smoothly and go according to your plans. In the US particularly in Phoenix, there are many local catering companies for hire and finding the right caterer can be a bit challenging unless you know how to look for one. Luci’s Healthy Market place is a reliable catering company worth trying. So the next time you plan to hire a catering company Phoenix, be sure to consider these tips.

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