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By: Thomson UW
Nowadays a big number of offices and corporate sectors are commonly housing water dispensers that are playing a major role in delivering safe, pure and clean drinkable water to the employees. These devices are basically water purifiers used for dispensing hot or cold water as par needs and requirements. Customers have the total liberty to decide upon the types of models i.e. bottled or bottle less depending on individual preferences, availability of bottled water in the locality and some other secondary factors as well.

Typically, there are two main types of water dispensers in the forms of bottled water and bottle less models. The bottle less ones are regarded to be less safe of the two as in this case, the dispensers are directly connected to the regular water lines. Therefore, the quality of water is always questionable and the device has really nothing much to do in this context. Coolers simply filter and dispense water temperature. On the contrary, in case of the bottled water coolers, bottles containing purified mineral water are used. Therefore, in terms of better safety and purity, the bottled dispensers are undoubtedly better.

Coming to its designs, there are numerous designs to choose from. Products are nowadays available in various shapes, colors and designs, with each model coming with its own set of features, pros and cons as well. It is up to the clients to select a model depending on the budgets, needs and requirements.

Next, based on the type of installation required to be done, water dispensers can further be classified into two major subtypes- Floor and Counter top models. The floor models are more common of the two and can be commonly seen in a good number of offices, corporate houses and other commercial and residential sectors as well.

Both these types are electricity run and have a capability of controlling water temperature as par client requirements. The only difference is in terms of the types of compressors used and dispensing height required. For the floor models, it consumes a greater space but delivers a better quality as a relatively stronger compressor is used. Whereas the countertop models are meant to be used by people working within a limited space. It needs a much smaller space to be installed and function but in terms of efficiency and performance, it lags behind the Floor models.

However, to get the most out of these devices, users should also try to take some basic precautions while purchasing water dispensers. With newer brands emerging in the markets almost on a regular basis, people might be offered products at real cheap prizes. However, remember that quality should always be your top priority and even if it takes a few dollars more to get a good product, never be mean to invest a few dollars more. Be real careful regarding the filters and only consider the models of the reliable and established brands. After all, it is your social and morale responsibility to keep your family happy and safe.Our first priority is quality.We ensure that all products like filtered water coolers,water dispensers and drinking water fountain is more reliable and very safe option in your budget.We are trusted and faithful distributor in all major cities of Australia.For more details log on to our website

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