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By: BabyMania
Affordable crib baby bedding is offered at a top company of favorite bed set brands. Lambs and Ivy is one of the most famous beddings for babies. The bedding is comfortable, delicate and gentle.
Lambs and Ivy is a famous brand that is a favorite for parents of boy and girl babies. The quality of materials used is safe to babies’ skin and durable. With proper care the bed sets are designed to last for years.

There are many designs with various prints and styles. The six piece crib baby bedding sets include the comforter, bumper, dust ruffle, fitted sheet, window valance, and a diaper stacker. Various designs are available at discounted prices.

The baby bedding for baby boys include Wings, Rock ‘n Roll, Wee Rescals, and Jungle Story. Accent your son’s room with accessories to match the crib baby bedding. The accessories are affordable and custom designed to match beddings.

The accessories include ceiling scripture, lamp with shade, picture frames, night light, hamper and more. Each design has different accessories. The accessories and bed sets is enough to decorate the entire room.

The designs for baby girls include Hello Kitty Garden, Lollipop, Dottie, Madison, and Raspberry Swirl. The designs come with matching accessories for décor purposes. Accent the entire room with matching bedding and accessories.

Lambs and Ivy’s baby bedding include six pieces to accent the crib, windows, ceiling and walls. The valance will accent the window and blind. Decorate the baby’s room with developmental accessories, such as a musical mobile.

Musical mobiles are an attention grasper for babies. They love the sound of music that helps their little minds grow and development. From birth babies’ are continuously listening and watching.
Although their attention span isn’t long, they are constantly observing and discovering their surroundings. Decorative baby rooms enable the baby to discover new colors and sounds. Lambs and Ivy beddings are for babies and toddlers.

The crib baby bedding provides a sense of security for babies. The baby’s room is his and/or her environment that is safe and explorative for several years. The materials used are guaranteed to be safe.
The collection of Lambs and Ivy includes various designs that are offered at discounted prices. Save up to 45 percent on selected designs including Raspberry. Other discounted designs include Animal Antics, Lollipop, and Wee Rescals.

A favorite brand of baby bedding are offered at discounted prices of 24% to 35% off the suggested price at a reputable company that specializes in nursery. Free shipping is included with bedding sets. The cost to decorate a baby’s room is very affordable.

About Us: Baby Mania is a company in San Diego, California that sells baby nursery, décor, accessories, and furniture. We offer nineteen famous brands of baby crib beddings. We have matching accessories and decorative items to make any baby’s room feel comfortable and look exciting. To see our famous brands, visit us online today at

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