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By: erikaodtuhan
Wrinkles are unpleasant facts of life. If you faced the mirror and noticed line formations, don't panic yet. Wrinkle treatments abound and finding one that fits you might just be around.

Wrinkly factors

Loss of collagen is a primary cause of wrinkles. Collagen is a protein found on the skin's dermis. This protein supports and cushions the epidermis and makes sure the skin won't collapse onto the muscles beneath the skin. As people age, the body's ability to produce collagen slows down. As a result, people get wrinkles as the body ages.

Another prime cause is repetitive action. Movements like smiling and frowning can also lead to wrinkle formation. Smiling, for instance, can yield supposed laugh lines around the lips and nose areas overtime. When a person frowns or expresses doubts through facial expressions, creases can form in the eyes and forehead areas.

Environmental damage is another factor to watch out for. The sun's ultraviolet rays coupled with toxins from air pollutants can contribute to signs of aging. People who don't use sunscreen lotions nor eat healthy foods may suffer from more damage.

Past wrinkle treatments

Wrinkle treatments in the past were mostly face-lifts. When a person decides to go for this choice, the individual signs up to be under the knife. The overall procedure attempts to tighten the skin in cheek and neck areas through "lifts." The treatment involves creating incisions around a patient's temple and ear area and lifting the skin back up to those points to create a smoother looking face. As procedures can take several hours, healing also takes time. People who came out of these operations often came out with bandages on their faces and needing routine care.

Wrinkle treatments today

Available wrinkle treatments in many clinics advocate anti-wrinkle injections that are far less invasive. Compared to say, a traditional face-lift, this procedure will not require any surgery or extensive healing processes. Doctors administering the anti-wrinkle injections simply inject the solution underneath the skin's layer resulting to minimized and smoother lines on a person's face. Once applied properly, say goodbye to unwanted grooves and say hello to a clearer facial appearance instantly.

Another popular treatment available is dermal fillers. These are syringe administered products providing instant visible results for those looking for a more youthful and radiant glow. Compared with anti-wrinkle injections that relax muscle tissues, these products will correct wrinkles and other dermal expressions. This is also minimally invasive and is quick to administer. Its results can last for months even without maintenance.

Microdermabrasion follows closely. This involves exfoliating the skin and removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells. Some techniques also include infusing water on the skin to give it moisture boost, leaving patients feeling extra fresh.

Skin needling is one of the latest procedures in terms of anti-ageing for clearer skin. The process involves piercing small holes on the skin's top most layers. Experts who administer skin needling methods may often use derma rollers to puncture tiny holes. As the body's healing mechanism kicks in, the body's collagen levels increases.

If you want to pursue wrinkle treatments, find a reputable dermal clinic in your area. Use the Internet to find services and rates offered. Contact your chosen dermatological centre and schedule an appointment soon to get the results you want.

Erika Odtuhan is a licensed dermatologist providing skin needling and wrinkle treatment.

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