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By: jeavy
Even if you have never written a letter, do not worry! I do not think I am a good writer but I manage to create effective sales pages.

When we speak of an effective sales page, it talks about a strong conversion rate, the ratio between "number of the purchaser" and "the number of readers of your page is high. For example, an average conversion rate is 5 (buyers) to 1000 (readers). If your sales page is effective, you can mount to 1 percent see even more. If instead your sales page is poor you will fall to 1 per 1000. What interest? Multiply by 10 the number of sales.

So, how successful?

Just knowing a few basic rules and make sure you stick to them whenever you write your letter. Your letter is certainly perfect for your home business

Soon, writing letters to important sales will become second nature to you without even thinking! Some of these basic rules you should keep in mind when writing your sales letter:

1. Answer your visitors' expectations
Write your letter so that your visitor can see his life helped or solved the problem by buying your product. This is exactly what he wants. Connecting with your visitors is very important. This is where it can see for himself the benefits of your product, it is most likely to buy.

Here is an excerpt from one of my sales letters:

"Box in a week (Edition 2008), is the first practical guide to the techniques used by the dredge greater in this area.

Addressing various topics ranging from the study of body language to Ericksonian hypnosis through manipulation, this guide gives directions to a new lifestyle where the dredge is decoded. All techniques are recognized worldwide and this guide will provides valuable assistance to novices and experts who want to deepen.

For only 15$ and two hours of reading, you know the techniques that really drag. Receive in your inbox within minutes of the best selling ebook of USA (more than 40 000 purchasing figures PayPal).

As I said before, it's just a short excerpt from an article, but it speaks volumes. You really need as long as possible to win points with your readers and help them see the benefits of your product. In fact, the first month sales letter that converted 2% of visitors into paying customers!

2. Sign in time
Internet is full of millions of web pages, which are of recent date or 10 years ago. The user cannot know if a page is updated or not. This is the big difference between the conventional press kiosks and web pages. In print we are sure that the number of advertisements this month to date this month ....

Sign up your sales page a day to less than a month. This will reassure your customers will feel to buy a product "update". Small scripts can automatically insert a date which will start to update automatically, so you do not have to touch it once it's installed.

3. Generating fear
When I talk about fear, it does not make visitors feel uncomfortable when they do their research on your Website! I mean get them to believe that they do not buy your product, they will be excluded from something that could be part of their lives or improve dramatically.

You must create in your visitors feel they simply cannot live without your product or servIce.

A very effective way of generating this state is to establish a time limit for your product. For example, you could offer your product at a introductory price of 39.95$ for the first 100 copies, then after that your potential customers will pay the regular price of 69.95$. Finally, they will be afraid to miss a substantial saving of 30$ and will not hesitate to take rapid measures to order.

Here are two examples of this feeling of fear:

The fear tactic # 1: "I have something very serious to say about you. The world is changing around us every day. Whether you know it or not, you lose customers for your work at home if you do not have a Website and if you do not advertise online. The directories are dust and advertising brochures are thrown in the trash.USA turns the Internet to sell goods, services and information regardless of the theme ... Read the rest of this page and I'll show you what I learned over the last 2 years could save many money in no time. This is vital information you need to discover now, before it is too late and your company is overtaken by changing times. If you wait too long or does not respond, the situation could be catastrophic. "

In this example, I glimpse what will happen to them if they do not read the sales letter for my course. Basically, I told them that I have secrets they must know where their business is doomed to failure.

The fear tactic # 2: "This course normally costs 199$, but during this
special promotion, you can enter the method to success to earn money for only 99.95$. But you must hurry, there are only 200 tickets sold for this course at this price! So if you're serious, you'll need to book your seat today. Important: The price of membership, such as videos may increase with inflation. Secure your membership now and book today! Our next increase is scheduled for (insert date), the price will increase to 149.95$. "

This method uses the limited time offer. I announce that I have only a few seats available for the course and that prices will soon rise. So if people are not ordering the course today, they will not only take the risk of losing their membership, but also pay more for the course. I think when you read the two examples above, you can see how these methods can influence the client's decision.

4. Use the emotional trigger and the hypnotic
The use in your letter, "triggers" a very powerful effect generates a positive state of mind at your visitor. The kind of mindset that leads them to leave their credit card! They reduce the defenses, so they become more open and responsive to your offer. These triggers are actually exciting enough and your letter is very legible prompting the customer to read more.

Here is a paragraph that uses two triggers emotional and hypnotic

"Stop! Before you even think about clicking with your mouse to go faster, you must read this amazing report reveals the secrets that can save millions of $ before your next birthday! Secrets are revealed in a surprising and shocking ... that the report is in danger if he is removed from the Internet as we speak! Now, sit down and read every little delicious detail before it is too late! "

This letter makes you not she a little excited about what I have to offer? It is the power of trigger words in your letter. If you think that the style of the example has no effect on people, please read this paragraph in one of your friends, then monitor their heart rate before and after his reading. You'll be amazed at the results!

Here is a list of words that have been proven in the sales letters on the Web:

New Silver revealed sex secret love Absolute Power shocked Result You hid privileged commercial breakthrough Proven Benefits shocked to discover incredible Scientific reserved Free guarantee Master discovered easy money

Try to include some of these words in your ad. You will be surprised by the impact they may have.

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