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By: Abin Alex
Every photographer has a different definition for photography. It literally means painting with light. Some says that it is an art; some other defines it as a medium to express, for some it is a costlier hobby and so on goes its description. But one would really agree with the fact that photography involves many factors such as science, technology, art, creativity, experience, experiments, knowledge, conceptualization, presentation, observation, affection and passion, etc…

A photograph explains the attitude, feeling, interest of the photographer apart from the message and expression the photograph conveys. You may find thousands and lakhs of books in the market as well as uncountable sites addressing and explaining you about various aspects of a single subject or matter. The days and months go on in searching, surfing and reading these. But now think of a photograph that portraits the message you wish to convey exactly the similar way that a large number of books and scripts do. It is now not merely a saying but it is actually being practiced by all parts of the society. Newspapers, magazines, banners, brochures, any advertising materials, promotional materials, etc… all these are some or the other way connected to photography. Can anyone ever imagine a world without a single photograph on any of the above mentioned materials? It would really become a boring stuff to read or even for a glance. It may be for that reason, almost every corporate companies, institutions; organizations, etc use photographs for their promotions and why photography courses are so popular..

A photographer captures the image that he/ she sees through his/ her camera view finder and conveys a beautiful realistic message through it. An image of a particular subject captured by different photographers seems to be different. Photographers with years of experience say that the uniqueness in your work brings a unique identity among the crowd.

A photographer is one who is, Passionate, Hard working, Optimistic, Talented, On time, Go getter and Good observer, Respectful, Active, Persistent and Punctual, Humorous, Efficient, and Responsible at his/ her work. You can know more about film making courses at his site

Author bio :

Abin Alex is the founder and chairman of the Creative Hut Institute of photography and film, India. He is the visiting faculty of MICA, INIFD, BRDS, AMA, G-Tech Education, etc... He is a documentary maker and has won several awards and appreciation for his work. You can know about photography courses & film making courses at his site

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