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By: chuck
In A Decade, Here's Some Things That Have Changed People's Lives


You didn't always have to take your shoes off before getting on the plane. Remember being able to bring a bottled beverage onto the plane? Well, terror attacks have changed that.


Herbal supplements. Different ways to go about treating cancer. Medicine is changing.


That's right, there's an app for that. IPods, Iphones, laptops, GPS systems. It's a non-stop technology breakthrough. Whatever you want, whenever. Some are free, some are expensive. Either way, you will find your app.


Clothes have changed. People in their 50's are dressing like people in their 20's. Young teenagers look old enough to be in their late 20's. Everything sort of just intertwined together into one group.


Introduced in the year 2002. More than 28 million people are using them now.


24 hour news. Cable drama's reaped Emmys.


Remember waiting to get your pictures back? Having to deliver them film and go pick it up. Times have changed to the digital camera. I'm sure most grandmas and grandpas use them now.


Magazines to web sites, Americans can't get enough of celebrity news. From Jon and Kate to Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.


More than 85 percent of the U.S. population are using cell phones. Cell phones are replacing land lines. If you don't have a cell phone, something isn't right.


Made in 2002, they became the shoes kids love. Although there are web groups trying to destroy them.


Dating sites are at an all time high. It's not just the young, seniors are finding love too. Too busy to find true love; get online in your spare time.


Borat, for example, going around shaming the country. Embarrassing TV. is in. Movies, shows, right down to regular people posting videos.


It was once only limited to Harvard students. Now more than 300 million people use it daily. Who to friend on facebook is the new question to ask yourself. So, who are your friends?


From shopping bags to light bulbs. You don't hear plastic or paper. Being green is also in, so make sure your helping the environment.


The decade of Google is now. If you want to know when that movie was released, Google it. Just download the app.


How exactly did we travel before this? How did we find our way? Just speak clearly, or type correctly or you won't be finding your destination.


Information about anything and everything is at our fingertips. The only question is, is it accurate? The internet has everything we need, lets hope it's not misleading.


In 2001 it was introduced. It took six years, but they finally sold the millionth one. It has become an icon of the digital age.


First came "Moulin Rouge" and then "Chicago." Don't forget "High School Musical" for all the kids out there.


Netflix came about in 1997. This year they proudly announced their two-billionth DVD delivery.


If you're pregnant, flaunt it. Celebrities whom are pregnant show it. So now it's in. From photos to clothes, being pregnant is now a bigger and better experience.


We have become addicted to reality TV. American Idol being of the more famous shows. However, we then have had things such as the Heenes of Balloon Boy fame, which was unwanted attention from reality TV.


It's a new nightmare for parents. A study found girls between the ages of 12-17 have received images or videos suggesting sexual things.


In movies everywhere, we now have the pleasure of having at least one in all areas. It's now considered normal, to spend more than 3 dollars on a coffee. And don't forget it's grande, not large.


It all starts with something simple. A star, maybe your name. Then it goes to letters in Chinese, French, and Spanish. If you’re really into it though, filling up your whole back might show it better.


Emailing is over. Texting is now in. And to text properly would be to use shorthanded messages? LOL, OMG, ROFLMAO, BRB, BRT, BFF, ILY/ILU, TY, YW, and so on and so forth. If you don't know what any of these mean, you might want to find out. Eventually, you'll need to know.


The bigger and flatter, the better. Although, while you may be watching a movie on your 60" TV, someone else may be watching it on their IPod or Iphone.


Girls especially, "tweens" are now becoming a new popularity. They are now an economic force to be reckoned with. Buying clothes, electronic devices, and concert tickets.


Being wore in LA with shorts, to the winter time in NY. The fur lined snow boots are everywhere. Did I mention they're in?


From exercising to playing a good ole' video game. It has become the decades breakout hit by appealing nongaming masses.


An open source encyclopedia uses masses to police its entries to keep them accurate (mostly). For lazy students everywhere, there is an app for this.


Coming of life in 2005. Need a video? Don't worry, YouTube probably has it. Go waste some time, watch a video.

Well, there you have it. Have any of these things affected your life? I'm sure not many can say no. Times are changing, what the future has to hold is unsure. I bet there will be advanced technology in it though.

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Written By: Stacey

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