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By: chuck
Do you always grind your teeth out of anger guessing where your husband was last night and who was he with? Do you see unusual changes in your hubby’s moods and acts? You’re dying to confront him but you were just unsure if he really cheats on you? Here are signs that you hubby might be playing games.

His cellular phone is “missing” – He used to place his phone in the drawer or just literally leave it anywhere in the house – near the bath tub, above the cupboard, medicine cabinet or inside the closet. But one day, you noticed his phone “missing” and never heard it beep even once. Well, don’t wonder because your husband set it on a silent mode and tucked it inside his trousers so communication with the other party would be discreet.

The “good boy” syndrome – He gives you bunch of lilies, takes you to Le Bernardin, orders your favorite food and opens the car door for you—which are unusually him! He is playing pretend, a knight in shining armor so you won’t suspect something’s fishy.

Proceeds to the shower room after work – He came home and instead of greeting you with a kiss, raced to the bathroom and took a shower. It’ because there were traces of woman’ perfume all over his body.

Washes his clothes – You wonder why he didn’t place his used clothes in the laundry basket and that he personally takes his polo shirts to the laundry shop. Because there were lipstick marks on it.

The always hectic lunch schedule – “Honey, I have business meeting by 12”, has always been your hubby’s line every time you invite him for lunch. Don’t wonder because that is the only available time he can meet his mistress.

Thoughts Wandering – You were asking for the nth time when he plans to fix the busted lights in your garage. Instead of answering, he just stared blankly at you. He was planning actually. But not to fix the light but what to give his woman on their third “monthrsary”!

Apathetic in intimate “moments” – You just came out from the shower room, put on a silky Victoria Secret’s gown, squirted a Channel perfume and headed towards the bed. Your husband turned his back on you, hugged a pillow and all too soon, started to snore. He doesn’t find you exciting anymore and he is too exhausted after a day’s out with his girl.

Access Denied – You were accessing his email one day just to check for any, but you were denied! Don’t marvel. He just changed the password (which was a combination of your name) without informing you. The reason is clear. His inbox is swarmed with messages from his girlfriend.

Parks the car blocks away from your house – You wonder where his car is and always walks out of the gate heading towards the opposite direction of his office. Because he is not really going to the office. He’s going on a movie date with his girlfriend waiting in the car.

Alibis, alibis – “Oopps, I didn’t notice it slipped off my finger” has always been the answer every time you ask why he wasn’t wearing your wedding ring. Of course, he wants to stay single whenever he goes out with the other woman.

To my equally suspicious wives out there, if you see even one of those signs, never disregard the possibility of your husband playing games. However if your husband is really good in hiding his “extracurricular activities”, and none of the abovementioned manifests, but you feel something’s up with him, then follow your instincts girl! Our instincts our most often than not, RIGHT!

Written by Karina Taguiang-Yonson

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