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By: Sam Johnson
You read a book simply because it contains something to interest you. But there is many a one who just flips through the pages of a book. They are not the booklovers and bowled over by its great get-up. So look is important whether you buy jewelries or books.

Ebooks are what we read online. Design is an essential part of any product, be it real or virtual. In fact, there should be two must-haves for an ebook to sell like hot cakes in the market – one is sufficient in-materials to hold the readers’ concentration and another is ebook design to captivate their attention. If an ebook fails miserably on the design front, chance is slim that it will be a choice with mass and help to make money in the market.

Some may argue that information is the crux of a book and no matter how it looks, readers will love it. But it is not the case in real life. Rarely do we like something that does not titillate our sense and sensibilities. Will a gadget with cutting-edge apps be fav with the buyers if it lacks in smart look? Now you understand why attractive ebook design makes a difference in its sales figure.

Ebook Designing – Factors You Need to Look into

You just let a free reign of your creative spirit to do ebook design. But make it sure that your design has the X factor to make positive impacts on the ereaders. It must have the elements to captivate and compel the buyers to throw a second look at it. Believe me; it will simply do the magic. If they feel drawn to your design, it means luck is in your favor and you are about to enjoy a rush of bookworms who feel the same way. In a nutshell, your ebook design must have a ‘push’ factor to drive the buyers to your offers.

The web crews are quite familiar with what an ebook is. But that is not the case with many who are new to dot com world. You need to make them feel that it is the same reading experience f reading but this time they will read the book online. You will kiss success only if your ebook design pricks their curiosity. If they feel compelled to look back at or stay on your site just because your ebook is aesthetically designed, you can be sure that a slice of them will make a purchase decision.

Either You Do It or Outsource It:

These are the two options to lend a magic touch to your ebook covers. Yes, it is mainly the covers that need to be designed. A good ebook design gives a hint to the potential readers what the inner pages have in store for them. The design must tally with what the readers’ eyes will skim through the pages.

If you are quite confident of your creativity, then you can surely go for ‘do-all-on-my-own’ approach. But if it is not the case, then better to leave the job to those who are the best in this business. Outsourcing the ebook design works will give you ample of free time to invest for other business aspects which demand your round-the-clock attention.

Sam Johnson is the online marketing consultant to a reliable banner ad maker. He has a vast creative knowledge on ecover designs and free ecovers. To get a clear overview of his work, visit

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