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Such a hold crapper create a basis for how to package bandwidth supported on what services a package strength hold (or not hold by virtue of what the bandwidth module not allow). The alternative to this reasoning is to package bandwidth supported on what a consumer actually wants, needs, or is selection to pay for or alternatively you crapper simply base your packaging on what your competition is offering. The repercussions of not observing consumer requirement should not be overlooked – this module be discussed later.

Type Average
File Size Download instance
over 100Mbps Number of files
equal to 5 Gig
Single Page Text Email 2kB 160 micro seconds 2,497,500
1 Page Excel Spreadsheet 25kB 2 milliseconds 195,883
20 Page Word Document 130kB 10.4 milliseconds 38,421
Medium Resolution Photo/Graphic jpeg File 500kB 40 milliseconds 9,990
High Resolution jpeg Graphic File 2.5MB 200 milliseconds 1,980
MP3 Music File (~5 Minutes Long) 5MB 400 milliseconds 999
60 Second Video Clip 10MB 800 milliseconds 499
Internet Explorer Software Installation 17MB 1.36 seconds 293
DivX Format Movie (~2 hours) 700MB 56 seconds 7
Full Length DVD Movie 2.5GB 200 seconds 2
Full Length High Definition (HD) Movie 5.4GB 432 seconds 0.926
Table 3.0 Media File Sizes (Penn State University ResCom Dept.)
Combining Table 2.0 and Table 3.0 digit crapper arrive at a reasonable projection of a band customer’s annual apatite for bandwidth (see Table 4.0). Such information would be helpful in creating assist tiers or if you are commerce bandwidth by the bit, you could set your watermark sufficiently broad enough to capture cipher consumer tendencies and then charge broad users a premium. In this way, you keep abreast of take rates and cipher consumptions in visit to wage counselling to your filler and pricing tiers.

Obviously the narrower the tube (lower the bandwidth), the fewer the services your band customers crapper legitimately obtain (at small optimally). With that said, the larger the tube (higher the bandwidth), the more services each customer crapper receive. There is a saying in band that if you build it they module come. Only if you build discover super bandwidth pipes to your band customers without the pronto acquirable noesis and services to fill that bandwidth, someone else (or whatever another company) module be happy to fill that constituent bandwidth for you – thus limiting your captive, patient audience for new services as you roll them out. See article, Lead with Content not Bandwidth for careful explanation of the importance of activity noesis offerings preceding to boosting bandwidth speeds to residential customers.

Media Type Frequency/per Home Size or Usage Yearly Bandwidth
DVD Purchases 15 purchases/year* 2.5GB 37.5 GB
DVD Rentals 21 rentals/year* 2.5GB 52.5 GB
Phone Calls 588 calls/year, 4.5 min/call 0.0872Mbps 1.73GB
TV Viewing 1,612 hours/year 3.5Mbps 2,539GB
Online Gaming 676 hours/year 0.024Mbps 7.3GB
Music Downloads 13.25 downloads/year 5MB 0.06625GB
CD Purchases 124.3 downloads/year 5MB 0.6215GB
Internet Browsing 1,165 hours/year ? ?
Radio Listening 2,262 hours/year 0.025Mbps 25.45GB
Text Messages 780 messages/year 0.00128Mbps 0.000125GB

Table 4.0 Media Consumption Frequency (as of 1/6/2005)

Based on the cipher activity of media distinct in Table 4.0, a typical bag module consumes most 2,664GB per year, or around 222GB per month. If we feature that digit of the 3.1 televisions found within the bag is High Definition (HD) the bandwidth activity for roughly 520 hours of television viewing increases by (520 hours * (8Mbps – 3.5Mbps)) or 1,053GB. As a result, our new cipher activity of media of a typical bag (with digit HD) is most 3,717GB per year or around 310GB per month. Such drawing adopt transport of every these services over a standard cyberspace Protocol connection so every services would essentially be IP services.

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