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By: Michele Rathbun
This is a first in a series of “How to” tips and tricks to keeping your computer running smoothly and detecting potential problems before they cause you real trouble!

We’ll start with basic but important topic surrounding computers: keeping them clean. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it is important to put a little thought into both keeping the machine clean and dust free and the actual placement of the pc. Placement is the first thing to consider, since this will often times effect how often the machine needs to be cleaned and how it “breathes”.

If you own a desktop pc, you may opt to put it on the floor next to your desk. This is typically the best in terms of space saving and keeping the box out of the way. One thing to remember is that dust and debris typically settles on the floor, so be sure to keep the area around your pc clean and clutter free. Desktops that are placed on carpet typically have more dust/dirt issues then those on hardwood or tile flooring.

Your computer needs access to free flowing air that will pass through it to keep the inside cool. This is the same for a desktop and for a laptop. Keep papers and other debris away from any openings you see on your computer’s case. For laptops, keep your machine elevated as most laptops have vents underneath as wel.. Laptop computers that users keep on a desk have less issue with dust but seem to deal more with crumbs/spills and the like.

If you are working with a laptop, consider using an external keyboard if you can. A good quality wireless keyboard/mouse combo can be purchased for less then $60 and keeps your computer safe from any potential drink spills. Plus, it’s MUCH cheaper to replace if something should happen! It’s also good to occasionally wipe your computer and keyboard down with a slightly damp cloth. Make sure your computer is turned off before you do this. For your laptop/LCD screen, use an approved screen wipe to prevent streaks.

In our next installment, we’ll talk about vacuuming and how to listen to your computer to see if something is amiss.

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