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By: Leslie Sarmiento
If you are looking to update your home but are worried the décor you have chosen might clash with your extensive collection of vintage salt and pepper shakers (or whatever collectible you have), here are some great key steps to help you in showcasing your treasures.

Key Step 1: Think Proportion

If you have a small collection, use smaller shelves and displays to showcase your items. The same goes for bigger collections. Always use larger and longer surfaces dedicated to showing off your bigger pieces.

Key Step 2: Use the Right Accent Colors

Be proud of your posters, paintings, and photographs you have collected over the years. Showcase your collections by using neutral accent colors in the background so not to overwhelm or compete with your display. Much better to let the vibrant colors in your pieces reflect the color scheme in your room.

Key Step 3: Focal Points and Themes

Think of your collections as a reflection of who you are, where you have been and where you are going. When decorating a room, display your treasures as the focal point and develop your theme with this in mind. And remember, the more creative you are with your displays and placements, the more your collection will be enjoyed.

The last suggestion I’d like to share with you is to take your time in arranging your collectibles in a pleasing manner where it doesn’t become too cluttered. When choosing your display case or area, be sure to purchase the right one to house everything properly.

A little planning and preparation will have everyone appreciating your treasured collections just as much as you do.

Leslie Sarmiento, Interior designer, published author, speaker… and lover of collectibles!

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