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By: Roberta Wilson
If your dog has fleas, you already know there’s no shortage of pet meds available to help get rid of the nuisances – flea collars, shampoos, pills, gels and combs can all help rid your dog of fleas, however some are more effective than others. In all my experience owning and working with pets, I’ve found that spot treatment or topical flea medicines like Frontline Plus for dogs works extremely well in not just getting rid of fleas that are on your dog, but also working hard to prevent flea re infestation in places you may not have considered – like in your pet’s bedding, in your home, and more.

How Spot Treatments Work

Topical flea medicines are typically applied between the dog’s shoulder blades, where he can’t accidentally lick or rub the medicine off. It then gradually coats the dog’s skin and seeps into the sebaceous glands, which are small “pockets” under the dog’s skin near the hair follicles. As the fleas crawl around, they’re exposed to the medicine that has collected in these glands, and in a very short time, the fleas die off. Not just adult fleas, but flea eggs and larvae too. In the case of Frontline Plus for Dogs, used month after month, it will break the flea reproductive cycle. Considering that one flea can lay 50 eggs a day, a good spot treatment can be a lifesaver!

Long-Lasting and Fast-Acting

Topical flea medicines work quickly, right at the source of the problem. And they typically last for up to one month. This means your dog will feel continued relief from biting, chewing and scratching, and he’ll be much more energetic and enthusiastic – something every dog owner can look forward to! Frontline Plus for Dogs works on small breed, medium, large and even extra large breed dogs – you just have to purchase the right dosage for your dog’s size. What’s more, the medicine is also waterproof, which means it won’t be diluted or rub off when your dog gets a bath or plays out in the rain.

Beyond Flea Control

Another reason I recommend this particular medication is because it does more than just kill fleas. It also helps repel other aggravations like sarcoptic mites, chewing lice, ticks and mosquitos – any of which can carry disease. Think of Frontline Plus for Dogs as a one-stop preventative “pest shield” for your pet that you only have to apply once a month to keep them protected.

Because it goes directly on the skin, you don’t have to worry about trying to feed your dog a cumbersome pill or deal with messy shampoos or combs. Just apply and let the medicine do its work. If fleas are a common problem during certain times of the year, you may want to buy the medication in bulk over the internet. Not only does it save you money and the time and cost of visiting your vet every time, but it also gives your dog effective, fast-acting flea and tick relief in record time.

A former pet shop manager and life-long dog lover, Robbie Wilson has extensive experience in helping people with their dogs, cats and other pets. She keeps her pets healthy using Frontline Plus for dogs. For information on flea treatments, she recommends

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