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By: Crystal Otherapy
Already since the early 19th century, doctors had noticed that salt miners, despite their hard work, they were coming out of the mines relaxed and cheerful. Furthermore, they were developing unique artistic skills in curving salt sculptures inside the mines, and, in comparison to the rest of the population, they were not getting sick. Thus, in Poland, Germany and other northern European countries where there are salt mines, the old gallerias were transformed into sanatoria at depths of approximately 900 and 1000 meters and are still operational today. More recently, began the installation of Salt Therapy Caves , initially inside hospitals. Today, they can be placed almost anywhere – inside a house, a gym, a physiotherapy centers and rehabilitation clinics, hotels, spa, etc. "We wanted to bring the beneficial microclimate of salt mines to the habitants of cities, so that everyone can have access to salt therapy, music therapy and color therapy, relax and strengthen their immune system, and overcome the negative impact of stress which usually manifests itself through in our breathing system, allergies, skin , musculoskeletal and other distractions", says Dr Basilis Masoulas, who installed the first artificial salt caves in Athens-Greece, Barcelona-Span, Split-Croatia, Nicosia-Cyprus, Chania-Crete, Pozar-Macedonia and many other cities.

"My first contact with salt therapy was in Poland. I went there to visit my parents-in-law. At that time I was travelling a lot and had increased stress derived from the corporate responsibilities at the multinational I was a director. I experienced the usual difficulties in sleeping. The problem, however, was stronger than normal; the fourth day, my father in law took me to neighboring salt mine. I fell asleep very quickly after I sat on a comfortable chair; it was an amazing experience I never forget. My body and mind relaxed and got balanced; I slept without difficulty the same night. So, I thought with my wife to convert into a salt cave one room in our house. For two years we had been studying everything related to salt therapy, visited many mines, doctors, hospitals, mainly in Poland. Through time, I realized that this was a gift for Us and I should do something for All to Put Salt in their Lives and benefit from it. It was then when I looked at it professionally’. Dr Masoulas worked with scientists and specialists of various areas of expertise and created the Crystalotherapy Salt Caves. All Quality, Safety and Environmental principles have been applied in the design of these Caves. They are the only salt caves with ISO 9001 and 14001 in the processes of Installation and Management and build with purely natural material and techniques. The rejuvenation that offers a stay inside a Crystalotherapy salt cave is because of the micro elements found in the four different types of rock salt used in very large quantities to build the cave (iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, etc.). They are absorbed easily and naturally through respiration. The "session" lasts 30-45 minutes and does not require preparation. For example, people may visit a Cave straight after work or we may schedule and run a meeting, a seminar, a children theatrical, or a concert and yoga session inside the cave. But mostly those who use and benefit from the Crystalotherapy salt cave are all those who, because of lack of time, cannot do what we wish: ‘do something for ourselves’. It is also great for small children “because it stimulates and strengthens the immune and they don’t get sick from viruses at school", explains Dr. Masoulas. Besides the running of company owned salt caves, we decided to also undertake the installation of Crystalotherapy Salt cave and franchising, transferring our knowledge and learnings to others who want to run this ecological business”. He emphasizes that it has been designed to have very low operating costs, zero maintenance costs and it is probably the only business with no cost of sales: once you’ve installed the Crystalotherapy salt cave, you don’t need anything more in order to provide the service. “As a result, you will see very rapid and high return on investment. Therefore, I highly recommend it!” says Dr. Masoulas.

His many years in executive position of major multinationals, together with his long-term contact with various industries as business advisor and the Academia as a university professor of business and change management in various countries, has shown that very often people "start to a business and try to offer to others what they themselves like; they consider themselves as a representative sample of what the market want/needs. So, they engage in activities that do not resonate, and then they often fail, get frustrated and do not trust innovation and business. It’s important to choose something we like, but it’s imperative that whatever professional goals we set, they are supported by management technology and are combined with social and environmental goals."

Giannis Konstantinidis: For more information about Salt caves Please visit

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