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By: BrownMoore
nanoparticles, nano powder

A brief review of nanoparticles and nano powder

Nature is very strange as there are many things that we are not aware of! The universe conceives many things within it both from living things to non-living things that are present in our surrounding. Well, man has the potential that to make things enhanced by modifying things according to their will so that they can help in elevating technology and hence can contribute to humanity. However, this is true that we cannot figure out the existence of each and everything but still some of the particles, which are these days, are exclusive used in different sectors and used even in researches that we should know about these, as this could be helpful for some reasons that we cannot realize. So, let us have a brief look of these two substances such as nanoparticles and nano powder to find more information about these.

What are nanoparticles?

Nanoparticles are the ultra fine particle, which dimension would be 1-100 nanometers. Well, honestly, the definition is widely accepted and this is something what makes this thing interesting for scientists, as because these are the unique material properties that sometimes result from their size. However, that does not mean that nanoparticles display different property than of larger instances of the same material, but when it does occur then it could be due to the quantum effects. Proportionally if you consider then you can find that the larger exposed surface can make nanoparticles much more chemically active, which is another cause of its unexpected properties.

Well, these substances are basically, used for research stuffs where these substances are found to be useful due to its special properties.

What is nano powder?

Nano powder is the extremely high quality powder that manufacture from the component of nano scale for applications in the industry for research. In research application nano powder are being used very effectively as researchers want to know about to learn learn more about the given material at nano scale. Well, these have also used for the production of various other experimental products and components.

For instance – these substances are used in solid fuels, conducting pastes, in specialized paints, glazes and even used for coating with metallic effects as well. Researchers used nano powder in industrial processes too.

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Author Info:

Brown Moore is a scientist and a passionate writer. In this article she tries let you acquaint with Nano particle or say, nano powder and its properties.

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