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By: Sue Bristol
"Why am I not losing weight"? This is a common lament from dieters who feel they are doing all of the right things but still not seeing the results they want. How can this be? You're trying to lose weight but the numbers on the scale seem to be stuck in a puddle of super glue. What's going on?
Let's look at a few possibilities:
1. If you have successfully lost weight and suddenly the loss comes to a screeching halt when nothing has changed, consider this: you may have reached your ideal weight and your body is trying to tell you so. Sometimes we have notions about how much weight we want to lose and completely overlook the fact that our particular body build, metabolic rate, height, and other factors determine when weight loss should stop (assuming of course that one is in good health). Consult your health care provider to determine your ideal weight.
2. You may have lost pounds quickly in the beginning of the diet but the loss has stopped because you were on a crash diet. The loss that you experience from unhealthy diets is mostly water weight. The loss is typically rapid in the beginning and may be causing vitamin and mineral depletion. Failure to lose more may be your body's way of trying to hang on to whatever it can to try to overcome a deficiency.
3. In the beginning of your diet, did you enthusiastically include exercise as part of your program? Have you stopped? Losing weight is a two-fold approach of reducing calories consumed (the food you eat) and an increase of calories burned (exercise). You may have reduced, or even eliminated, exercise time.
4. Have you been drinking more beverages to satisfy a desire to be munching? That's fine...however, just make sure that your drinks have not been sweetened with sugar. Sugar-sweetened beverages can cause a weight gain of 15 pounds in one year. They may be off-setting your efforts at weight loss. (If you have problems with "not munching"...go ahead and munch to your heart's content. Just be selective about what you munch on. Choose low-fat and low-calorie items such as fruits and veggies, chunks of reduced fat cheese, yogurt, and whole wheat crackers. Be careful to include these calories in your daily intake.)
5. You are expecting too much. Healthy weight loss occurs at about 1-2 pounds per week. (Keep this in perspective before you decide it's not fast enough...the weight did not accumulate "overnight" and it won't go away that way either.)
Set reasonable goals for yourself and follow a healthy diet to lose weight in a steady manner. You'll look great by next year at this time!

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