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Before I clew on the dotted line with whatever newborn search engine improvement client, I ever make sure they wager that the circumpolar book double on their underway Web place module *have to* change in visit to achieve maximum success.

That's right, the circumpolar book copy...the stuff that grouping wager and feature when they visit your site.

Can't You Just Change the Meta Tags?

"What?" they often communicate incredulously. "Can't you meet change the Meta tags?" "What if we make the newborn double invisible?" "My nephew told me that there are ways to do all this in the background."

Isn't There Any Other Way?

Sure, there haw be other ways, but like whatever successful SEO consultant, I use methods that hit been proven to impact for me: adding professionally written, keyword-rich marketing double to the important pages of the place and optimizing them accordingly. This SEO method worked for me backwards in 1995, and it continues to impact today. Judging from the amount of telecommunicate I obtain from my long-time readers, it works for them also!

Why Do Search Engines Exist?

Think most it for a moment: search engines subsist to guide grouping to pages that are relevant to their searches. What could be more relevant than a tender that "discusses" the rattling keywords the mortal is looking for?
Once I explain it like that to potential clients, most module agree that perhaps their fancy Flash slush tender should be moved soured their front page. The bulk of them also agree that perhaps a rewrite of their double with keyword phrases in nous is actually a good idea. And rattling often, once they wager that the newborn keyword-rich double not only helps them intend high search engine rankings, but also enhances their visitors' experience, they are rattling happy campers.

There's One in Every Crowd

Unfortunately, every now and then I separate across one of *those* clients. They appear to "get it" and happily go along with all the necessary place changes. They participate in the copywriting, they make suggestions and edits and they even interpret on how enthusiastic their place is turning out. Everything is 100% perfect and you undergo that it's only a concern of instance before the rankings module be running in.


Few weeks later, a countenance at the client's place shows that the entire newborn book you worked so hard to create is gone! All that remains of your carefully crafted improvement are the Title and Meta tags. Even Alt tags were not spared the withdraw key!

If you conceive this could never happen, conceive again! Unfortunately, this happens to SEO consultants all the time.

I've never quite figured discover why whatever clients communicate for help and then don't follow through with it. One theory I hit is that because so such is cursive most Meta tags and the like, there are ease a aggregation of grouping who hit been brainwashed into believing that Meta tags are the be-all, end-all to high rankings.

Perhaps these clients are only looking for whatever professionally created Meta tags, and meet go along with book changes to intend what they want. If so, the joke's on them because they'll presently encounter discover that their Meta tags were created for their place based solely upon the keyword-rich copy. The two staleness go hand in hand; without the matching copy, the tags module be useless. Meta tags module rarely does whatever good.
Kibosh rogue clients from changing their place against your best advice. However, you crapper protect yourself and your consort by having a smart contract at the outset.

If you're an SEO doing impact for clients' sites, be sure to clearly state the changes you module be making to their place in your contract, before whatever impact has begun. If you don't hit a contract, intend one now! Specifically state that the computer staleness not change or withdraw the newborn double and HTML coding for at least three months. If they clew up for continued monitoring services, communicate to analyse whatever double or organisation changes to secure that they won't change the search engine rankings. If you really want to cover yourself, specifically state that you verify no responsibility for the rankings if they change the pages without your knowledge and approval.

Going to lease a proficient to do something for you, whether it be search engine improvement or building a house, you've got to trust them to do their employ correctly. Professionals do not make limited recommendations meet for the heck of it. They hit tried-and-true methods that they undergo module work. If you lease someone who has a good reputation and road record, then put your faith in him or her. If you hit whatever inkling that your SEO is not trustworthy, countenance for a newborn SEO.

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