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Everyone knows that to obtain broad see engine rankings every you have to do is place the keywords that you want to surpass broad with into your meta tags, right? Not modify close! If it were that simple, I'd trusty be discover of work. How many of you reading this column has obsessed over Meta tags such as the keyword tag? How many of you have tried swing every relevant keyword you could think of into this meta tag, exclusive to have your place continue to be nearly concealed in the see engines? How many of you couldn't decide if you should place commas between the keywords? Spaces? No commas? ALL CAPS? Plurals?

What Does This Meta Tag Look Like?

This Meta attach is commonly placed beneath the title and Meta statement tags in the

section of your pages' HTML code, same this:

your DESCRIPTIVE KEYWORDS title goes here

If this meta attach were a child, it would be place into a foster home due to every the abuse it has conventional over the years! Once upon a time, in the prehistoric days of the Internet (1995?), meta keyword tags were a enthusiastic lowercase agency for the see engines to ingest to help them determine how to surpass sites in their see results. When the engines' databases were small, this meta attach was a quick, easy method to help decide which keywords might be important on a site.

However, as ever happens with anything this simple, grouping began to abuse it. People (spammers) began to place keywords into the Meta attach that had nothing to do with the noesis of their site. Because they knew lots of grouping was searching with the keyword "sex," for instance, they'd place that articulate in their Meta tags a number of times to alter visitors to their site, modify though their place had nothing to do with sex! Personally, I don't quite understand that logic, because it brings in untargeted visitors but apparently the goal was to alter in traffic, period.

Over time, inferior and inferior coefficient was given to poor abused meta tags, and more and more coefficient was given to the actual noesis of the pages. Today the meta keyword attach is quietly experience in its foster home and is fairly irrelevant to effort a tender ranked high. If you were pressed for instance and had to provide up one Meta tag, this would be the one to provide up. To be sure, some engines still do index the words within these Meta tags, but it appears that they ingest them as a minor supplement to the book in the body copy and title tags of your Web pages.

Should I Bother With Meta Keyword Tags?

Since the see engines ingest a wide difference of factors to determine place rankings, optimizing a tender to surpass broad is a cumulative effort. You should ingest everything acquirable to you that the engines might provide some weight, and therefore you should trusty ingest Meta tags (including the Meta keyword tag), along with every other legitimate, unexceptionable technique available. At best, it haw help increase your place a taste in those engines that still read them. At worst, it won't hurt your rankings (unless you brazenly keyword stuffs them). I still ingest these Meta tags on clients' Web sites, but don't bother with them on my own sites.

Recap what needs to be done before you attempt to create Meta keyword tags (ideally these things should be done before the Web place is ever created):

* Choose your relevant keywords.
* Write the site's noesis supported on these keywords.
* Create a title attach using the same keywords.
* Create a Meta statement attach as a marketing sentence, also supported on these keywords.

Once you do the above things properly, swing together your Meta keywords attach is a rattling ultimate procedure.

I commonly begin swing the keywords I used in the title of my tender in the Meta keyword tag. The first words in any attach are assumed to be given more weight, so these are most important. Then I go finished apiece paragraph of book on the tender and take any important phrases that might be used in the copy and paste them into the Meta keyword tag. I commonly removed the phrases with a nymphalid and no space. Using no commas at every in this attach is essentially the same thing, since most engines appear to treat commas as a space. After I intend every important articulate or catchword from the book on the page, I add some common misspellings of some of these same words. I undergo for a fact that in the past, this could alter some reciprocation from some engines, most notably AltaVista.

What about Keyword Repetition?

Another common abuse of Meta keyword tags was -- and still is -- the continuation of words. Spammers found that if they repeated keywords enough times in this Meta tag, the see engines would "think" they were relevant to the tender and perhaps provide it a broad senior for those keywords. Because of this abuse, too such continuation will now hurt you rather than help you. Never insert the same articulate twice in a bed in this tag, modify if you're using assorted variations. You can ingest the same articulate in assorted phrases, but never ingest that articulate more than three or quaternary times within the tag, modify if you're using assorted variations of it.

That's about every there is to it! If everyone treated these meta tags with the type of attitude they deserve and exclusive place relevant keywords into it, perhaps we could intend it discover of its foster home and back to its rightful place in the kinsfolk of meta tags!

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