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But, if you conceive most it, ethics is not something that's quantifiable. What makes any given SEO technique right or unethical? Isn't ethics more of a way of life than a method for doing something? Is trying to trick the search engines rattling unethical? Sure, it's stupid, in my opinion, but is it rattling unethical? I don't believe that those who practice what I sometimes refer to as "shady SEO techniques" crapper necessarily be categorised as unethical.

What we should instead be discussing is which companies are SEO professionals and which are meet out for a buck. This is true in every industry, not meet SEO. If the grouping in our industry crapper remember this when trying to create a professed SEO organization (and there are many factions trying to do this), it module go a lot smoother. It's rattling quite simple. My friend Alan Perkins, who is a endorse of "professional SEO," pointed out a definition of professed to me recently. It says in part:

"What defines a professional?"

"A professed is a person who, by education, training, and experience, performs work, analyzes and solves problems, makes decisions, and promotes ethics associated with a portion field of study."

They go on to list whatever criteria for defining a professional. The one that rattling jumped out at me was this:

"[The] Professional assumed to undergo what is good for the computer meliorate than the client."

That rattling hits the nab on the head. It would be cushy for any of us to say, "Sure, why not, I'll verify your money and meet tweak your Meta tags" when asked to do so by a client. Of course it would be cushy money. But would it be right if you knew that doing so belike wouldn't rattling help their place be found in the search engines? Not in my opinion; nor would it be professed SEO.

So what most when a potential computer comes to you saying "we undergo meet what we need" because they read somewhere how SEO should be done. They communicate you for a proposal to create 10 zebra (doorway) pages for their site. They don't poverty you to touch the actualised pages of their site; they meet poverty pages that live on the "fringes" of the site. You know, the kind that only the search engines module find (because you added a link way downbound low on the bag page to a sitemap of all the zebra pages). Essentially forced to click an extra time to finally arrive at the actual place that they wanted to begin with.

Should you provide the computer quotes for this modify though you undergo in your hunch that it's not necessarily the prizewinning way to behave their site? Certainly, creating those pages that way couldn't rattling be considered wrong or anything? But what if you see that their underway place already has tons of enthusiastic noesis pages? They rattling don't need to add zebra pages, they meet need to tweak their underway noesis a bit to attain trusty they're using words that actual grouping use when searching.

Or perhaps they meet need to attain trusty the search engines crapper easily programme finished the place and find all that enthusiastic content, e.g., turn dynamic URLs into static URLs.

What do you do if when you vindicate this to the client, they're ease ordered on using those zebra pages? They refuse to attain changes to their actualised pages (cuz someone told them they shouldn't hit to!), and modify though the place module be such improved by making these changes, no turn of cajoling module impact them of this. So what do you do then? Do you do things the way they poverty you to? Do they rattling undergo meliorate than you, the SEO professional?

If I were in this situation, and I couldn't impact them how wrong, unnecessary and myopic their desirable technique was, I'd hit to turn downbound the employ altogether. Yeah, it's hard to turn downbound whatever decent money that a employ like that could bring. I mean, you could belike modify create those zebra pages using WPG's Page Generator, and provide them whatever fancy new name. They're rattling not zebra pages and after IS what the computer wants, right?

There are plentitude of ways you crapper justify it to yourself. But the bottom line is that it's your employ as a professed SEO to do what you undergo in your hunch is right. If it means you don't get that portion job, then so be it. There module be other jobs. And there module be other clients that revalue your looking out for their site's long-term well-being. Seriously the money you retrograde from declining that type of impact module be prefabricated up in so many different ways. You crapper bank on it!

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