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The search engines may change finished the years, but grouping meet finding discover most SEO every tend to go finished a kindred ontogeny process.

The Submittal Stage

Generally you intend interested in search engine marketing after you hit a Website created; you've got something hunting good and open for business. You pay your designer, and dead it hits what? How do I intend grouping to actually find and ingest my site? So you invoke to your designer who directs you to your server curb panel, which comes with an automatic search engine submit button.

The Meta Tag Stage

The next period you wake up and ease hit no visitors. So you do whatever research and find discover that you requirement to add keywords to something called Meta tags. You find whatever automatic Meta tag shaper online, add its output to your site, and then crank up the automatic submissions.

Then you wait, and wait, and move whatever more. ease hit no hits to the ole hit counter (except the daily digit from your checking it, and the digit from when you sent your older college roommate to wager what a great place you have), let alone any sales.

The "It's Impossible" Stage

You are nearly ready to give up at that point, but you're no quitter. You decide it can't rattle be impracticable since somebody's gotta surpass highly in the engines; so you begin your quest for more information. You look up "meta tags" and "submitting to search engines" at Google (because you figured you probably meet did yours wrong), and find every kinds of articles that talk most something called "search engine optimization," aka SEO.

The Confusion Stage

Problem is, you hit no intent what these articles are telling you. One of them says you requirement to attain sure you ingest Meta tags, and another digit says that Meta tags are dead. You feature that you requirement high-quality course to your site, but you don't even undergo what that means or how you crapper intend them. One article says you requirement keyword-rich content, but that means most as much to you as the linking thing. Some advice says you absolutely hit to pay to be found in the engines, another stuff says it doesn't outlay a thing.

The Trick-the-search-engines Stage

The more you read, the more you move to think that there staleness be whatever sort of trick to this whole SEO thing. You advert reading most "keyword-rich content" and dead it clicks that you requirement to actually place your phrases on the tender somewhere. But you hit found so many phrases that you poverty to surpass highly for, and can't quite figure discover how you crapper intend them every on your bag page. You wonder if you should meet list them somewhere. At the top? At the bottom? In a tiny type size, perhaps? Maybe you should attain them blend in with the background of the site, because you rattling don't same the artefact it looks with every those phrases listed same that.

At this point, you're starting to think you're pretty smart for figuring that little trick out, and decide to tell whatever grouping you met on an SEO forum. Ouch! Apparently, you were not the prototypal to think of this trick, and you got called every sort of names, same "spammer"! You didn't even undergo there was much a abstract as search engine spam, but you undergo that spamming anything can't be a rattling good abstract to do!
So you move thinking that maybe tricking the search engines isn't the prizewinning artefact to move things.

The Learning Stage

You decide to brave the installation again, to wager if you crapper wager what another grouping do if they're not tricking the engines. By now, you've become nearly old with many of the terms grouping use, and whatever of the stuff they tell you is beginning to actually attain whatever sense.

What you wager at this saucer is that you don't requirement to place every 50 phrases on the bag page, meet two or three! Now that seems doable. You also wager that you should ingest your phrases "naturally" when writing most what you do on every tender of your site. Slowly but surely, things move making more sense, and each new delicacy you wager builds on the last one. You wager that the Title tag is also a good place for keyword phrases, and are embarrassed when you look at yours and wager that it says, "Welcome to Our Home Page."

The Quick-fix Stage

You also wager that the search engines favour to surpass the most "popular" sites before the least popular ones, and you wager that they figure discover which sites are the most popular by how many sites are linking to them. It makes perfect sense.

You rattling hit no intent how you module intend another sites to poverty to unification to yours in order for it to be popular, but you undergo you're going to hit to come up with whatever sort of a organisation for this. You're a bit disheartened to think most how much time and effort it's going to verify to become a popular site, so you ask your installation friends if there's a artefact to pace things along a maybe you crapper every unification to each other's sites?

The Hard-work Phase

Eventually, you reconcile with the fact that you're gonna hit to work hard, meet same you did when you prototypal built your playing offline. So soured you go to attain your place the prizewinning it crapper be for the search engines as well as your visitors, and a grown search engine marketer is born!

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