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By: Javan
This 2012, don’t rest on your laurels – get your cut of that big music pie! Sell music by promoting the heck out of your song or album and then, get rich and famous. The road is long and it’s a bumpy ride, but you’ve got to keep the faith because well, you’re reading this, so you’re halfway there.

When your objective is sell music online, it means you want people to buy your music. And who purchases your music? The fans. They make your world go round because they have the money to burn. They love you, whatever song, album, or gimmick you’re selling, they are totally buying. How do you that? Besides the fans that you’ve already convinced before, add onto them. Those fans have families, friends, friends of friends – make it your business to be heard even by their long-lost relatives!

Here’s what you can do to keep promoting music online, increase fan base, and eventually, sell music:

1. Newsletter
Religiously send one newsletter to your mailing list every month. While you’re at it, track effectiveness by monitoring open, forward, and bounce rates.

2. Email addresses
Whenever someone emails you, there’s a list of tagged emails included in the body – get the attention of those too. Ask those on your mailing list if it’s okay to have them receive your music. Don’t come off as spam mail, that’s just sad.

Another trick to get email addresses: during live gigs, always bring a sheet of paper where the audience can sign up with their information. In exchange, you’ll gift them with a reward or freebie. Your giveaway can be your very own CD.

3. Special offer
Have your fans visit your website and click on an exclusive MP3 or music video that cannot be seen anywhere else. Sometimes it’s best to make it a one-time exclusive deal only. This is a great technique of making your fans listen, and an opportunity to sell music.

Follow 25 new people every week. Once you follow, you get followed back. It may seem daunting and tiring at first but it works all the time.

4. Tumblr
You must have one. It’s one of the easiest platforms to share thoughts, ideas, music, and videos too. Remember, sharing is one of the most effective ways to sell music online.

5. Podcast/Vodcast
Interact with other musicians in the same genre as you. It doesn’t have to be a big production. Just a couch, a camera, an Internet connection, and YouTube account, and you’re good to go. Ask those other musicians to link said podcast/vodcast and share to others.

6. Reviews
Request fans to have your song or album reviewed on iTunes, and Amazon. Getting an enthusiastic review could pique interests of many. This is an in-your-face technique to sell music online, by direting them to the access point where to download your music.

For top-notch music distribution that could also help you get a headstart in music promotion, choose a digital music distribution partner that has a reach of over 750 retailers and mobile partners across 100 countries.

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